Astrid Irwanto | Co-Founder
Nalagenetics | Singapore

Astrid Irwanto, Co-Founder, Nalagenetics

Astrid Irwanto, PhD. is a co-founder of Nalagenetics with great passion to translate her scientific discovery to create impact. She has been working in the human genetics area for almost a decade and has developed expertise in complex disease genetic studies and pharmacogenomics. She is one of the key scientific leaders in leprosy host genomics and Nalagenetics started off to deliver the first personalization of medicine based on her work in leprosy. She is also the finalist for L’Oreal Women in Science in 2016. An incident involving treatment for her own father had her experience first-hand how preventable adverse drug reactions could ruin a person’s future, which further fueled her passion. Together with her co-founders, she aspires that Nalagenetics will empower everyone with their personal genetic information to help them receive the most efficacious and safest treatment for their condition.


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