Antonio Bertoletti | Co-Founder
Lion TCR | Singapore

Antonio Bertoletti, Co-Founder, Lion TCR

Antonio Bertoletti, MD is an expert in the field of viral hepatitis. He began working in viral hepatitis as a medical student at the University of Parma (Italy). During his MD specialization (1991) in Infectious Diseases he spent two years at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla) characterizing for the first time in human the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) specific cytotoxic T cells. He returned to the University of Parma, where he worked in the Department of Infectious Diseases as a Clinical Scientist continuing his study of human HBV specific T cells (1991-1997). before joining “The UCL Institute of Hepatology” at University College of London (UK) (1997). 
In 2006 he moved to Singapore where he was the Director of Infection and Immunity Program at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (A*STAR) until 2013 before moving in 2013 at the Emerging Viral Disease Program at Duke-NUS Medical School. In 2015, he co-founded ( with Dr Li Lietao) Lion TCR pte, a biotech company developing new immune based treatment for virus-related cancers (HBV-HCC and EBV related malignancies) and chronic viral infections.


Phar-East Day One @ 14:40

Anti-viral immunotherapy: A case study

Chronic viral infection predisposes a person to the development of cancer. The integrated viral genes in infected cells can be expressed to create viral peptides and presented onto the cell surface. Using our proprietary TCR platform, patient’s T cells can be engineered with high-avidity antiviral TCRs which recognize the tumor-specific viral peptides, leading to the release of cytolytic molecules and the lysis of cancer cells.

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