Market Access, Thursday 1 March 2018


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Asia's Biotech Landscape:Innovation & Funding

Carolyn Ng

Venture capital funding for the biotech industry: A case study

It takes millions of dollars to transform an innovative idea to a commercially viable pharma product. Especially in developing countries where the government has other more important priorities than to invest in early stage companies, the role of the VC becomes even more crucial and necessary for success. Investigate how VC helps biotech to take flight in the competitive generics and biosimilar-focused Asia market.
John Connolly

Fostering biotech and bio-entrepreneurship in Asia: How do we build the next biotech unicorn in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is extremely diverse. It is a home to near 620 million people across 11 countries, each with different languages and religions. Among the countries many are still in the developing stage where R&D is not as much a priority than providing necessity to minimise the income gap between the rich and the needy. Yet thriving biotech landscape offering innovative solutions is starting to be seen. What needs to be done to help these promising companies to fully realise their potential? How can ASEAN come together in supporting the biotech industry in the region, as well as building the next possible biotech unicorn in SEA?
Panel discussion

The Macro View: What will it take for Asia’s biotech industry to really flourish?

Everyone knows it is too generic to classify all Asian countries in a single category. With the exception of China and India, the remaining part of Asia is complicated, fragmented and diversified. With growing GDPs and middle class populations, the potential of Asia’s biotech industry is undeniable in the eye of global leaders. The main question is, how can government and related stakeholders assist the biotech industry to flourish to provide more affordable, personalised medicine for its populations? How do countries move away from a “me-too” to “me-first” mentality, especially when it comes to pharma R&D?

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Asia Partnering Framework

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Yuliana Indriati
Market Access

Building the right ecosystem to support the new era of Indonesia biopharma industry

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  •     Overview of innovation and investment made to promote pharma industry in Indonesia 
  •     Case study: Joint venture with Genexine to produce biobetter drugs in Indonesia.
  •     Insights learnt from drug development, clinical trials and manufacturing biologics in home grown facilities to support local, ASEAN and greater Asia population 
Lalit Baregama
Market Access

Case study: Strategic partnership for effective pharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Anushree Agarwal
Market Access

Case study: Practical steps to prepare for product launch in APAC and Greater China

Anushree Agarwal, Senior Manager - Launch Readiness & Excellence For Emerging Markets, Takeda
Panel discussion
Market Access

Panel discussion: To partner or to launch? Strategies for exploring Asia’s emerging markets

  • Analysing commercial opportunities and in-country competition to formulate most the optimal access strategy
  • How do innovators compete with biosimilars to keep their market share of expiring biologics products? Is it about more than just price?
  • Case study

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now's your chance to get really interactive. Simply pick a table and join the debate. 

Table 1: Upcoming vaccines in Asia and how to prepare for it

Table 2: Sustainable vaccines strategies in global health, high-income and private sector

Table 3: Sustainable biosimilar models in Asia

Table 4: Key strategies to overcome challenges in biosimilar development and manufacturing processes

Table 5: What can we learn fromCAR-T, PDL1, Cancer Vaccines successes, and what’s next in Asia?

Table 6: CRISPR & Precision medicine

Table 7: AI& Big data in drug discovery

Table 8: IoT and blockchain in clinical studies

Table 9: Pricing & Reimbursement strategies in Asia

Table 10: What can we do to reconcile our diversified pharma regulations in Asia?

Table 11: Bringing it together: Roles of Patient, Pharma, Hospital and Government in Drug Development


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Chair's Opening Remarks

Market Access

Shifting from volume to value: How value based pricing will impact the Asian market

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  •     Tackling pricing trends from free market to structured pricing mechanisms
  •     Which pricing model works best in Asia?
  •     Compare and contrast patient access schemes, performance based pricing etc. to decide on the best pricing strategies
Christian Wards
Market Access

Value in healthcare: A payer’s perspective

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  •     Overview of current healthcare and reimbursement system in Asia
  •     From a payer’s perspective, what needs to be done to tackle pricing trends, from reimbursed to out of pocket markets
  •     Case studies
Market Access

Impact of India’s latest regulatory framework on drug development, production, pricing and reimbursement

  •     Overview of latest regulatory landscape and how it affects domestic and international stakeholders
  •     Exploring opportunities and hurdles presented by the new set of regulation
  •     Focusing on pricing & reimbursement: What does local and international pharma companies need to know to prepare for this change in regulation? 

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Practicing HEOR activities in Asia

  • Identifying challenges and opportunities using Real world evidence in reimbursement propositions
  • Cross-country analysis in better planning for HEOR execution
  • Setting digital platforms to connect patients to cloud for more accurate information gathering
Chung-Lin Yang
Market Access

HTA in Taiwan: An update

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  •     Introduction of ahealthcare framework in Taiwan, including the role of CDE and National Health Insurance (NHI) in reimbursement decision
  •     Understanding the role of HTA in Taiwan reimbursement evaluation process
  •     Best practices to ensure neutrality in evaluation process, including roles of drug providers and patients in evaluation processes  
Market Access

Technology assessment for new oncology drug

    evelopment of targeted therapies and personalised cancer drugs offers opportunities, but also increases the complexity of the assessment. In this session, we will examine :
  •     Strategies for the assessment of new treatments, including possible join assessment
  •     Best practice for translating trial efficacy into effective clinical practice

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