SEC Co Ltd


SEC Co.,Ltd provides engineering services of design, construction, trial operation, verification and post-construction according to standards of GMP(EuGMP, cGMP), HACCP with the best quality and technique for genetic engineering, fine chemical and food item.
We professionally offer to install piping and utility for food equipment, bio and fine chemicals. We are a turn-key company always thinking in customer’s shoes for design, structure, construction, business goals, exclusive equipment and preparation for GMP, as well as providing validation data without delay and danger.
SEC Co.,Ltd whose skills and systems will bring cost reduction and increasing productivity moreover, SEC will do its best in order to be able to make a perfect contribution to the construction both at home and overseas through the various experiences and capabilities of projects of bio, fine chemical and food factories.
On that design and construction, if you are considering a successful project, designate SEC Co.,Ltd as a partnership.