Proteina is a Korean bio startup that has the original technology of 'protein-protein interaction profiling'. As the first spin-off case of Samsung Science and Technology Foundation, Proteina attracted Series A funding in 2016 and 2017. 

By convergence of physics, biology and electronics, Proteina made it possible to observe the very protein-protein interaction itself in real time. They started their business to utilize their technology and resources in the domain of companion diagnostics for targeted cancer therapies.  Since cancer transmits the proliferation signal by using protein, targeted cancer therapies aim at the very protein which cancer uses. Therefore, Proteina's protein-protein interaction profiling can accurately predict a patient's response to the therapy in advance by scanning all the signaling pathways that targeted cancer therapies are aiming at.  Moreover, its accurate prediction is constant regardless of genotypes, whether mutation or epigenetic changes occurred or not.

Proteina completed developing all the requisite prototypes for companion diagnostics, including diagnostics kit, imaging & analyzing solution and result diagnosis technique. Proteina's exceptional predictability is already proven by their successful pre-clinical testing and their following trials on breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer are expected to be completed in 3Q18.