MNX Global Logistics


MNX Global Logistics and Logical Freight Solutions can help you simplify and manage your drug development and cellular therapy shipments. As logistics specialists serving pre-clinical and clinical research, our industry leading solutions are designed to keep your apheresis or clinical samples viable and help you get your products to market faster.
•    Expert teams that understand drug development and cell therapy treatment that can help you design and manage the end-to-end supply chain and logistics process to maximize efficacy and minimize costs.
•    World class shipment reliability and on-time delivery.
•    Cold-chain storage and warehouses across Asia Pacific.
•    SenseAware: GPS enabled Actionable Intelligence that allows us to monitor the temperature and condition of your samples in real-time. Allowing for immediate intervention should any parameter go out of range.
•    Assistance with international clearance and paperwork specific clinical shipments.
•    MNX GO! Mobile App for complete chain of custody and track-and-trace capabilities at your fingertips.