Kingspan Cleanroom Systems

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Kingspan Group is the global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric and solar integrated building envelopes. 
At Kingspan we're creating the products of the future, today. Innovation is at the heart of every product, every project and every step in the manufacturing process. To get the results we want, we either change the way we make our products, or create new ones. We innovate as we believe that no one should have to choose between efficiency, sustainability, style and safety. The world is rapidly changing, and so are our customers’ needs.
The Kingspan Cleanroom system, UltraTech, offers the ultimate in cleanroom solutions, satisfying the most demanding project requirements. The highly modular design allows truly bespoke cleanroom construction ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and contamination safety. 
UltraTech systems are comprised of high performance insulated panels featuring a flat non-porous surface to both sides which aides cleaning and offers high levels of resistance to mould, moisture ingress and bacterial growth, ensuring a controlled, sterile environment that minimised airborne particles and micro-organisms. 
The Ultratech systems are the ideal solution for a range of cleanroom applications including: pharmaceutical and bio-technology laboratories; healthcare’ medical research and advanced technical facilitates
A range of co-coordinating single and double doors, windows, light fixtures and accessories is available for a fully integrated, bespoke cleanroom solution.