Intravacc is an experienced, not-for-profit R&D organization. We optimize vaccines, vaccine processes and vaccine technologies. Our aim is to substantially reduce development risks and costs of new vaccines in order to contribute to global health and equity in access to vaccines worldwide. We achieve our aim by developing and improving vaccine design, production processes, analytics and technologies. In our state-of-the-art facilities, our experienced R&D institute takes your discovery up to Phase I/II clinical trials. Furthermore, we share and transfer our knowledge and technologies to public and private partners worldwide and work on collaborative R&D.
Intravacc has various proprietary vaccine products and platforms including a cGMP-grade, regulatory approved, Vero cell line, Inactivated polio vaccines, a HiB vaccine, a RSV vaccine candidate, a novel Pertussis vaccine and several enterovirus (HFMD) vaccines. Moreover we offer an Outer Membrane Vesicle Platform for the development of bacterial vaccines and various proprietary adjuvants. We provide services in USP/DSP and Formulation development. We offer scale up of vaccine production, cGMP production at pilot scale, Analytical Development, Quality Control and Quality assurance, and Regulatory and Clinical support.
Intravacc is open for partnering opportunities including co-development, in- and out-licensing of technologies and products and fee for service projects.