Haedong Technology


Haedong Technology is a Korean company that designs cGMP water purifiers for the pharmaceutical industry, according to FDA standards. 

Design Concept 
  1. Optimize fluid velocities throughout system → Eliminate dead legs(>3pipe diameters) → Maintain velocities at 5~10 fps in polishing  loop → Continuous recirculation system → Maximize "up time" of system components 
  2. Design in clean in place(CIP) and sampling capabilities 
  3. Stainless steel for sanitary applications → 316L(low carbon) alloy recommended → Interior finishes - 150 grit minimum - 180 grit or electro polished recommended - Passivated if not electro polished → Welding - Tungsten inert gas method - Full penetration - Welds shall be pit & crevice free - Fully automatic orbital welding recommended 
  4. Factors considered in preparing the basis of design → Water quality requirements specific  to product(s) being produced. → Specific area of the facility using Purified  Water. → Design daily volumetric demand for specific points of use(POU) → Maximum instantaneous flow  requirements for specific POUs. → Description of raw water supply (source through municipal treatment) Include seasonal and climatic(historical) information. → Summary of system design, including the control philosophy. → Detailed discussion of the function of the system components. → Sampling and testing program(performance qualification through routine monitoring) → Anticipated system maintenance (short and long term)

Pharma companies it has worked with are: Cosmax Bio, Daewoong Bio, SK Plasma, Green Cross, Ajinomoto, Otsuka, Samsung, Donga ST, Boryung Biopharma, Il Yang, LG Chemical, CTC Bio, and many others. 

Contact Kiyup Chong at     lush78@naver.com or at +82 31 2157 341 for more information