Cell Free Sciences Co Ltd

Pod-stand Exhibitor

We, CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd, is developing wheat germ cell-free protein production platform with  including reagents, kits for various application, protein arrays and custom synthesis service.   Proteins from a wide range of organisms, including humans, can be obtained without codon optimization at high success rates ready for functional and structural analysis. Our platform has been instrumental in the success many R&D projects, with numerous examples published in leading scientific journals. Recently, we are focusing on expressing membrane proteins which are current important target of drug discovery but are difficult to express by cell-based expression. Especially, GPCRs, Transporters and ion channels, which have large transmembrane domain, can be expressed as proteoliposome. And, it was reported that high quality anti-GPCR antibody could be made by antigen which was expressed as proteoliposome. Now, we are trying to analyze structure of GPCR by Cryo-EM with Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd.

And then, we are developing ”Protein Active Array” which about 20,000 human proteins with soluble form are mounted for custom assay services of auto-antibodies profiling and antibody specifity profiling.