Vaccines, Wednesday 28 February 2018

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Vaccines, Thursday 1 March 2018


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Asia's Biotech Landscape:Innovation & Funding

Carolyn Ng

Venture capital funding for the biotech industry: A case study

It takes millions of dollars to transform an innovative idea to a commercially viable pharma product. Especially in developing countries where the government has other more important priorities than to invest in early stage companies, the role of the VC becomes even more crucial and necessary for success. Investigate how VC helps biotech to take flight in the competitive generics and biosimilar-focused Asia market.
John Connolly

Fostering biotech and bio-entrepreneurship in Asia: How do we build the next biotech unicorn in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is extremely diverse. It is a home to near 620 million people across 11 countries, each with different languages and religions. Among the countries many are still in the developing stage where R&D is not as much a priority than providing necessity to minimise the income gap between the rich and the needy. Yet thriving biotech landscape offering innovative solutions is starting to be seen. What needs to be done to help these promising companies to fully realise their potential? How can ASEAN come together in supporting the biotech industry in the region, as well as building the next possible biotech unicorn in SEA?
Panel discussion

The Macro View: What will it take for Asia’s biotech industry to really flourish?

Everyone knows it is too generic to classify all Asian countries in a single category. With the exception of China and India, the remaining part of Asia is complicated, fragmented and diversified. With growing GDPs and middle class populations, the potential of Asia’s biotech industry is undeniable in the eye of global leaders. The main question is, how can government and related stakeholders assist the biotech industry to flourish to provide more affordable, personalised medicine for its populations? How do countries move away from a “me-too” to “me-first” mentality, especially when it comes to pharma R&D?

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Infectious Diseases


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Preparing for infectious viruses emerging from human-animal interface

From MERS to Ebola, Zika to bird flu, to yellow fever and more, human populations are experiencing a continuous onslaught of viral diseases emerging from nature. So how can we be prepared for the next epidemic episode?

New vaccines for epidemic infectious diseases

  • Discovering rapid testing tools for infectious diseases prior to successful vaccine deployment
  • How do we speed up the development of effective vaccines in the case of epidemics?

Next generation universal vaccines

  • Discovering novel antigens using reverse vaccinology
  • Too good to be true? What are the drawbacks and limitations?
  • A universal influenza vaccine: What have we learnt so far?

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now's your chance to get really interactive. Simply pick a table and join the debate. 

Table 10: What can we do to reconcile our diversified pharma regulations in Asia?

Table 11: Bringing it together: Roles of Patient, Pharma, Hospital and Government in Drug Development

Malini Raj, Chair, Australian Pituitary Foundation

Table 1: Upcoming vaccines in Asia and how to prepare for it

Table 2: Sustainable vaccines strategies in global health, high-income and private sector

Table 3: Sustainable biosimilar models in Asia

Table 4: Key strategies to overcome challenges in biosimilar development and manufacturing processes

Table 5: What can we learn fromCAR-T, PDL1, Cancer Vaccines successes, and what’s next in Asia?

Table 6: CRISPR & Precision medicine

Table 7: AI& Big data in drug discovery

Table 8: IoT and blockchain in clinical studies

Table 9: Pricing & Reimbursement strategies in Asia


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Manufacturing: Costs & Affordability


Chair's Opening Remarks

Paul Howley

Overcoming the complexities of conjugate vaccine production

Topic to be finalised
Paul Howley, Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer, Sementis

Effective vaccine tech transfer (TT) for sustainable, quality local accessibility

  • Ensuring equity between partners and equitable TT meets both parties’ expectations
  • Freedom to operate once the recipient receive the TT to ensure production sustainability
  • Building regulatory capacity for quality monitoring and approval

Halal certified vaccine manufacturing: Coping with complex challenges in regional social requirements

  • With middle east investment in South East Asia and Malaysia’s pledge to operate the world’s first halal vaccine plant, there’s a rising trend in creating religion-friendly, high quality vaccine products
  • Defining halal standards requirements in manufacturing tools, materials and processes
  • Coping with the logistics requirements of transporting halal vaccinations separately to non-halal products

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Low-Cost Vaccination


Reaching everyone, everywhere with lifesaving vaccines: A Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) update

Established in 2012, GVAP aims to prevent millions of deaths by 2020, by providing more equitable access to existing vaccines for people from developing countries. With just 2 more years to go, what are the latest updates and how can pharma play a greater part in achieving the GVAP pledge?

Updating vaccine supply and distribution frameworks for more efficient global immunization programs

  • Improving cold chain structures in developing countries
  • Minimising supply network redundancy to reduce waste
  • Upskilling and retraining supply chain personnel including airport & cargo staff for vaccine handling

Thermostable vaccines: Where are we now?

Thermostable vaccines are an alternative solution to overcome vaccine distribution limitations in developing countries. What’s the update on progress after several years of R&D and discussion? Case studies will also be discussed during this presentation.

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