Vaccines, Thursday 1 March 2018


Organiser's Welcome Remarks

Asia's Biotech Landscape:Innovation & Funding

Carolyn Ng

Venture capital funding for the biotech industry

It takes millions of dollars to transform an innovative idea to a commercially viable pharma product. Especially in developing countries where the government has other more important healthcare priorities, the role of the VC becomes even more crucial and necessary for early stage biotech company and its success. Find out how venture capitalists can tap on knowledge learnt from more established biotech ecosystem and apply these lessons in Asia. 
Han Chong Toh

Fostering biotech and bio-entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (SEA): How do we build the next biotech unicorn in SEA?

Southeast Asia is a geographically diverse region diverse lifestyles and traditions. The majority of SEA countries are still in developing stages and R&D intensive industries are not a priority compared to industries that rapidly close the income gap between the rich and the needy. Nonetheless, we are beginning to see a thriving biotech landscape offering innovative solutions. What needs to be done to help these promising companies fully realise their potential? How can the region come together to support the biotech industry, and build a biotech unicorn? 
Panel discussion

The Macro View: What will it take for Asia’s biotech industry to really flourish?

Everyone knows it is too generic to classify all Asian countries in a single category. With the exception of China and India, the remaining part of Asia is complicated, fragmented and diversified. With growing GDPs and middle class populations, the potential of Asia’s biotech industry is undeniable in the eye of global leaders. The main question is, how can government and related stakeholders assist the biotech industry to flourish to provide more affordable, personalised medicine for its populations? How do countries move away from a “me-too” to “me-first” mentality, especially when it comes to pharma R&D?

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Asia immunisation program

Ayan Dey

Chair's Opening Remarks

Jerome Cabannes

Role of manufacturers in clearing vaccines misconception

  •     Investigating the origin of misconception regarding vaccination
  •     Existing educational and advertising efforts and future actions required to clear such misconception
  •     Religion vs science: Is there a violation in religion to get vaccinated?
  •     Updates on halal vaccines and plans forward
Ayan Dey

Building affordable and sustainable vaccines framework for neglected diseases in Asia

  •     Quick overview of International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and its achievement so far
  •     Building an effective tech transfer model for quality local accessibility 
  •     Updates on IVI latest projects and collaboration opportunities
Trần Hiển Nguyễn

Vaccination program in Vietnam and its health impact

  •     Sharing of current and upcoming vaccination program in Vietnam
  •     Measuring success of current initiatives and strategies to improve next step in nationwide vaccination
  •     Preparing for epidemic and infectious diseases: Key steps and considerations

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now's your chance to get really interactive. Simply pick a table and join the debate. 

Table 1: Innovative platforms for small molecules and gene therapy drug development

Table 2: Avoiding delays in clinical manufacturing of drug product

Manufacturing issues were the primary reason given for non-approvals in many of the response letters issued by the FDA in 2016. These manufacturing issues not only delay drug development, but also complicate the relationship between drug firms and their contract manufacturers. We will discuss the common issues, including planning, risk management, selection of primary packaging & materials, contract documents, and guidelines for choosing the right partner that can offer the quality necessary for successful clinical manufacturing. A trustworthy CDMO supports you with realistic project timelines and a framework of high product quality, while you focus on your core competencies of discovery and clinical development.

Table 3: Launching new biologics production line

Table 4: Commercial strategies for digital health in Asia

Amkidit Afable, Director Go-to-Market Strategies, Johnson & Johnson

Table 5: Why don’t we have an ICI in breast cancer – yet?

Table 6: Working on a start-up setting, from clinical development to commercialisation

Table 7: AI& Big data in drug discovery

Table 8: Preparation steps to brace healthcare & pharma digital transformation


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Asia Vaccine Innovation

Ayan Dey

Chair's Opening Remarks

Qun Wang

Case study: Development of inactivated Zika Vaccine from vero cell

  •     Overcoming challenges caused by the limited knowledge on the zika virus structure, virulent factors, and replication mechanism in its vaccine development.
  •     Updates on Changsheng Life Sciences effort in developing Zika vaccines
  •     Strategies in evaluation of vaccine efficacy and future plans moving forward
Yu Mao

Challenges, innovations and opportunities in Chinese state owned vaccines company: A case study on Chengda Biotech

  •     Challenges in operating state owned vaccines company in China
  •     Key strategies forward
  •     Partnering opportunities available 
Lynlee Burton

Have we made enough progress in overcoming the unique challenges in conducting vaccine clinical trials in Asia?

    has been global recognition and discussion of the challenges associated with conducting vaccine trials in Asia but what has really changed?
  •     Overview of Challenges
  •     Possible Solutions:  What is being done by the Vaccine community including regulators, private/public partnerships, and NGOs
  •     Recent Examples / Case Study 
  •     Discussion:  Has there been enough progress?

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Dwo Yuan Sia

Vaccine-induced immune correlates of protection

Measurement of pathogen-specific antibody levels have been used as indicators for immune correlates of protection for many of the licensed human vaccines. For many of these marketed vaccines, other yet to be defined immune correlates in additional to protective antibodies are expected to play their key roles as well. Absolute correlates of protective immunity are hard to establish, yet they are essential to guide the development of safe and efficacious vaccines for the unmet medical needs. This can only be gained through better understanding of host-pathogen interaction to be coupled with the application of immunomics and system vaccinology to profile vaccine-induced effector, reactogenic and memory immune responses that can be recalled upon exposure to naturally occurring microbes.

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Vaccines, Friday 2 March 2018


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Chair's Opening Remarks

Disruption & Digitalisation

Tony Liu

Shifting paradigm of the advanced therapy landscape in Asia

Recently raised to fame as the new miracle method to treat even the most stubborn cancer cases, CAR-T trials have proven to save patients who have failed all known treatment. From a pharma perspective, what methods can they adopt to produce these highly personalised, customised treatments at scale? Upon approval for commercial deployment, what else needs to be done to help patients afford the sky high cost of immunotherapy? Join this thought provoking presentation to hear from Tony Liu, CEO of CBMG and former senior executive of Alibaba and Microsoft to learn how this influential biopharma company take steps to prepare for the next miracle drug in making. 
Antonio Lee

Innovation beyond limit: How do we conquer incurable diseases and create new history

Advancement in research helps to push the limitation of treatment paradigm to attempt curing currently incurable diseases. Innovative therapeutic solutions however is often not sufficient without a strong team to help with commercialisation. In this presentation, Antonio will share about the overall landscape in Asia stem cell therapy, challenges in current landscape and opportunities ahead to achieve commercial excellence.  
Ivor Lim

Educated guesses, lofty aspirations, hard realities

Ideas are free and to be able to catch one by the wings and bring it back to ground is a wonderful feeling indeed. For doctors, the next step is to bring this good idea into the wards for the patient’s benefit. The transition of bench research to bedside application seems very straightforward at first glance, but it is not until the first steps are taken that one realises the numerous hurdles that have to be surmounted in order to achieve this. In the best interests of the patient, this translational sequence is prescriptive and tedious, and yet it pays no heed to other essentials crucial for the translational effort to be truly successful. This presentation also shares the journey of CellResearch Corporation which 13 years to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Vincenzo Teneggi

Chair's Opening Remarks


Levent Liu

A novel platform technology for vaccine development

A core platform technology for high production of recombinant lipoproteins with built-in immuno-potentiation for novel subunit vaccine development has been established and fully protected by intellectual property. The lipid moiety of recombinant lipoproteins is identical to that of bacterial lipoproteins, which are recognized as a TLR2 agonist with effects on both innate and adaptive immunity. We have successfully demonstrated the feasibility and safety of our core platform technology in meningococcal group B subunit vaccine (MGBvac), dengue subunit vaccine and therapeutic HPV vaccine in model studies. The MGBvac has been approved by Taiwan FDA for Investigational new drug (IND). 
Thomas Cornell

Artificial cell membrane platform technology for safer, efficient vaccine delivery


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Chair's Opening Remarks

Alfred Scheidegger

How to Capture Value in a Fast-Paced, Disruptive Industry

Sora Lee

Global Growth of Outsourcing & Impact to Asia Markets

Sora Lee, VP, Value Architect/Alliance Management, Syneos Health
Danny Yeung

Pharma 4.0: How digitisation & disruption are creating a need for agility and entrepreneurship in pharma

Digitisation is changing the way pharma interacts with payers, doctors and patients, leading pharma to seek out different skills and personality traits in employees. The challenge is selecting the right disruptor to foster a forward-thinking organisation, and identifying the suitable digital strategy whilst also complying with local regulations and continuing to invest in core R&D capabilities. Hear from big pharma on how they are moving forward and embracing the digital disruption.
Sebastian Sujka

AI in pharma: Using digital technology for disease prevention


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Benjamin Petsch

mRNA based vaccines to prevent infectious diseases

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  •     Cost effective synthesis of mRNA vaccines to prevent infectious diseases
  •     Using naked mRNA and plasmid to induce protective immune response
  •     Delivery of gene encoding vaccine antigens to stimulate infectious disease prevention
  •     Vaccine design in providing rapid response time to emerging pandemics
Pritha Aggarwal

Live saving vaccine initiatives to promote local accessibility and affordability

Panel discussion

Keeping the sustainability of high volume, low cost quality vaccines manufacturing in Asia

  • Overview of vaccines manufacturing landscape in APAC
  • Exploring challenges and potential solutions to secure funding for manufacturing technology upgrades
  • Beyond public market: What are the other opportunities which manufacturers can tap on
  • Perspectives sharing: What are we looking for when upgrading existing platforms, and how can we collaborate better with our partners for more cost effective solutions

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