Biotech Inve$t, Tuesday 19 March 2019


Organiser’s welcome Remarks

Joe Zhou

Chair’s opening Remarks

Joe Zhou, Chief Executive Officer, Genor BioPharma, Walvax Group

Opening Keynote Plenary

David Lane

Going global and keeping it local: Is biotech innovation sustainable in Asia?

In this keynote presentation, Sir David Lane, one of the key scientists credited on the discovery of cancer gene p53, a gene which mutation cause near 50% of all human cancer, will share his view on how biomedical sciences have developed in Singapore, Japan and the remaining APAC region, and prospects for Asian biotech and pharma industry.
Byung-Geon Rhee

Looking east: Integrating Asia into the global era of innovative medicine

Panel discussion

Pharma Trends: Women health as the next focus

Women’s health goes beyond mother & childcare. For instance, women has a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases compared to men, hence there is a need to invest more on addressing the biological differences in mainstream disease studies to ensure a more effective, personalised treatment. In addition, big data & AI application on female subjects may also differ from male subjects, prompting a need to investigate how studies should be developed differently in the future. This panel brings experts to debate and discuss how femtech is shaping to be the next global pharma focus and the new areas of focus in women's healthcare.

Exhibition visit & networking refreshments

Carrie Hillyard
Biotech Inve$t

Chair's opening remarks

Petcha Kucha

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Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Panel discussion
Biotech Inve$t

Leveraging larger capital pools: Let’s talk listings & capital markets

  • Global capital markets and opportunities
  • Biotech market readiness in APAC public listing
  • Hong Kong- the next Asia biotech capital destination?
Atsushi Usami, Partner, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.
Abraham Cinta, Chief Executive Officer, ARC Capital

Networking Cocktail & End of Conference Day 1

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Biotech Inve$t, Wednesday 20 March 2019


Organiser’s welcome Remarks


Chairman’s opening Remarks

Nadia Suttikulpanich

Disrupt before being disrupted: Using digital tech to connect to previously uneconomic chronic disease customers

Insurance is a tricky part of healthcare business. Increased healthcare costs lead to a higher profit for pharma and provider companies but burdens the government budget and hurts the insurance business. Since taking care of a chronic patient is a lifelong commitment, the availability of insurance to cover this essential treatment is often expensive and uneconomical. Join Nadia Suttikulpanich, Head of the Fuchsia Innovation Center, part of Muang Thai Life Assurance, Thailand as she shares how they are adopting digital tech to pilot chronic disease cover to provide for patients in need while keeping their insurance business profitable.
Edward Rosen

The path to personalised medicine: Key developments

Everyone knows the potential benefits of personalised medicine, but how do we get there? Finding and better defining disease through biomarkers and more accurate diagnostics. Targeted therapeutics to leverage new and emerging diagnostic capabilities. Personalized Medicine to Real-Time Medicine. How to drive success across industry and clinical implementation in an economic manner. This presentation discusses various strategies and key considerations to drive the symbiosis between academia, industry and clinical medicine to drive vastly improved patient outcomes.

Roundtable discussion

Table 1 Working with clinical outsourcing partners: Risk management and prevention

Table 2 Fostering commercial partnerships to tap on emerging APAC markets

Table 3 Regulatory collaboration and opportunities in more efficient drug development

Table 4 Strategies in making drugs more affordable and accessible to patients in developing countries

Table 5 Universal healthcare- Is it really costly?

Table 6 A convergent approach: Tapping on western expertise to serve Asia population

Table 7 Precision to personalised medicine- How do we get there?

Table 8 Leveraging blockchain technology in making clinical trials more transparent and efficient

Table 9: Data Science in practice: How can sales reps and MSLs use Big Data?

Prabhuram Krishnan, South Asia Medical Director, Ipsen Pharma

Table 10: The Singapore biotech ecosystem – What comes after the Inflexion?


Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Anthony Desir
Biotech Inve$t

Funding risk & return strategies: Investor & investee perspectives

Biotech Inve$t

Networking lunch & exhibition visit


Exhibition Visit & Networking Lunch


End of Phar-East 2019

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