Introducing Our First 350+ Speakers



Janine Albrecht-Webb, General Manager, Digital, Shell Retail, Royal Dutch Shell

Omid Ashtari, President, Citymapper

Omid Ashtari | President | Citymapper » speaking at MOVE

Edward Ataii, Associate Director of Mobility 2030, Global Strategy Group, KPMG

Paul Ayres, Chief Operating Officer, Connected Kerb

Paul Ayres | Chief Operating Officer | Connected Kerb » speaking at MOVE

Gemma Ball, Business Manager, Satellite Applications Catapult

Jacob Bangsgaard, Chief Executive Officer, E.R.T.I.C.O.

Jacob Bangsgaard | Chief Executive Officer | E.R.T.I.C.O. » speaking at MOVE

Sarah Barnes, Mobility Soutions Expert, Beryl

Scott Belcher, President and Chief Executive Officer, S.F.B.

Oliver Bishop, General Manager For Hydrogen, Royal Dutch Shell

Angie Boakes, General Manager Electric Mobility, Royal Dutch Shell

Tarik Bolat, Chief Executive Officer, WaveSense

Bert Brans, Vice President Of Business Development, Sentiance

Travis Bushnell, Product Manager, DeepMap

Travis Bushnell | Product Manager | DeepMap » speaking at MOVE

Brian Collie, Senior Partner And Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Charlene Consolacion, Co-Founder and CEO, Biig Technologies Inc.

Michael Copson, Hydrogen Business Development, Royal Dutch Shell

James Cowen, Vice President, Corporate Development & Expansion, Cargo

Ryan Croft, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer, TransitScreen

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski, Global Head Of Communications, TRAFI

Rich Davey, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group

Devin De Vries, Chief Executive Officer, WhereIsMyTransport

Mark DeSantis, CEO, RoadBotics

Mark DeSantis | CEO | RoadBotics » speaking at MOVE

Eduardo Dominguez de la Puerta, Head of Urban Air Mobility, Airbus

Eduardo Dominguez de la Puerta | Head of Urban Air Mobility | Airbus » speaking at MOVE

Christoph Domke, Director Of Mobility 2030, Global Strategy Group, KPMG

Israel Duanis, Co-Founder & CEO, Fleetonomy

Camille Egloff, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Seth Elliott, Chief Marketing Officer, Free 2 Move

Jochen Engert, Founder And Managing Director, FlixBus

Johan Engström, CTO & Co-Founder, Enevo

Andrew Everett, Managing Director, Shyft Mobility

Remo Gerber, Chief Commercial Officer, Lilium

Remo Gerber | Chief Commercial Officer | Lilium » speaking at MOVE

Raphael Gindrat, Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder, Bestmile SA

Andrea Giuricin, Rail Expert, University Of Milano - Bicocca

Andrea Giuricin | Rail Expert | University Of Milano - Bicocca » speaking at MOVE

Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO & Co-Founder, TRAFI

Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO & Co-Founder, TRAFI

Martynas Gudonavičius | CEO & Co-Founder | TRAFI » speaking at MOVE

Bryan Hansel, Chief Executive Officer, Chanje

Jennifer Haroon, Chief Operating Officer, Nauto

George Hart, Head of Continuous Improvement, Great Western Railway (Gwr)

George Hart | Head of Continuous Improvement | Great Western Railway (Gwr) » speaking at MOVE

Vilhelm Hedberg, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ekar

Matthias Heutger, Global Head Of Innovation And Commercial Development, DHL

Adi Hirzer, Cycling Data Generation And Analysis, Bike Citizens

Roger Hunter, VP Digital Businesses, Royal Dutch Shell

Roger Hunter | VP Digital Businesses | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Ja'Nese Jean, Chief Executive Officer, SAFETRIP

Andreas Jentzsch, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Fred Jones, Head Of New Mobility, Uber

Fred Jones | Head Of New Mobility | Uber » speaking at MOVE

Jeremy Kahn, Senior Tech Reporter, Bloomberg

Jeremy Kahn | Senior Tech Reporter | Bloomberg » speaking at MOVE

Dominik Keupp, Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Damian Kysely, Co-Founder And Director | Founding Partner (Infrastructure), Skyscape Technologies | The Aviary Project

Damian Kysely | Co-Founder And Director | Founding Partner (Infrastructure) | Skyscape Technologies | The Aviary Project » speaking at MOVE

Jean-Baptiste Latil D'Albertas, Development Manager – Benelux/UK/Ireland, Navya Group

Jean-Marc Lazard, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, OpenDataSoft

Joe Luong, Chief Executive Officer, Crypta Labs

David Maher, Executive Vice President And Chief Technology Officer, Intertrust

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten, Chief Executive Officer, moovel Group GmbH

Michael Masserman, Head Of Global Policy And Strategy, Lyft

Michael Mazur, Chief Operating Officer, Greenspot Smart Mobility

Saskia Mureau, General Manager Digital, Global Commercial, Royal Dutch Shell

Paul Murphy, Partner, Northzone

Paul Murphy | Partner | Northzone » speaking at MOVE

Zeina Nazer, Co-Founder, Cities Forum

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, CLEVR Mobility

Tom Pakenham, Director, Electric Vehicles, Ovo Energy Ltd

Amish Parashar, Partner And Co-Founder, Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley

Natasha Patel, Associate Director of Mobility 2030, Global Strategy Group, KPMG

Pietro Perlo, President, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles

Chris Perry, Head Of Uk Partnerships, MaaS Global

Sahil Sachdev, Head Of Brand Experience, Quiqup Ltd

Sahil Sachdev | Head Of Brand Experience | Quiqup Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Olaf Sakkers, Partner, Maniv Mobility

Julian Scriven, Managing Director UK, Nextbike

Luis Sequeira Villarreal, 5G Ppp Automotive Wg

Scott Shepherd, Cco, Free2Move

Ian Simmons, VP Business Development, Magna International

Ian Simmons | VP Business Development | Magna International » speaking at MOVE

Charlie Simpson, Partner And Head Of Mobility 2030, Global Strategy Group, KPMG

Carel Snyman, Owner, People Energy Mobility

Carel Snyman | Owner | People Energy Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Pilar Solano, Head Of New Infrastructure Projects And Special Transactions, European Investment Bank

Pilar Solano | Head Of New Infrastructure Projects And Special Transactions | European Investment Bank » speaking at MOVE

Carlos Sotelo, CEO, Silence Urban Electromobility

Matt Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Fleetcarma, a Geotab company

Suresh Subudhi, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Paolo Tebaldi, Business Development Manager, Comau

Paolo Tebaldi | Business Development Manager | Comau » speaking at MOVE

Yulia Temnikova, Deputy Head Client Service Development And Passenger Services, Moscow Metro

Yulia Temnikova | Deputy Head Client Service Development And Passenger Services | Moscow Metro » speaking at MOVE

Luc Texier, Director, Sales, New Mobility, Bestmile SA

James Tomkins, Chief Architect, Met Office

James Tomkins | Chief Architect | Met Office » speaking at MOVE

Ben Upcroft, Director of Projects, Oxbotica

Clara Vaisse, Co-Founder, Pony Bikes

Clara Vaisse | Co-Founder | Pony Bikes » speaking at MOVE

Juan Vicén Balaguer, Co-Founder & CMO, Zeleros

Juan Vicén Balaguer | Co-Founder & CMO | Zeleros » speaking at MOVE

Hannah Vickers, CEO, The Association for Engineering & Consultancy Ltd

Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President Global Commercial, Royal Dutch Shell

Anders Wall, Chief International Officer, Green Mobility

Inara Watson, PhD Researcher, London South Bank University

Sue Weekes, News Editor, Smart Cities World

Sue Weekes | News Editor | Smart Cities World » speaking at MOVE

Matt Winfield, Director, Sustrans

Matt Winfield | Director | Sustrans » speaking at MOVE

Sandra Witzel, Head Of Marketing, SkedGo

Sarah Wray, Editor, Smart Cities World

Michael Halbherr, Chairman, TRAFI

Sabine Scheunert, CDO, Daimler

Martin Krähling, Head Of Autonomous Driving Systems, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH

Jay Rogers, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, LM Industries

Ankit Jain, Vice President And Head Of Ola Play, OLA

Karl-Thomas Neumann, In Charge Of Mobility, EVelozcity

Tekedra Mawakana, Chief External Officer, Waymo

Iain Forbes, Head Of The Centre For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport

Sebastien Peck, Managing Director InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover

Elmer Francisco, Chief Executive Officer, Elmer Francisco Industries

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director Of Automotive, NVIDIA

Gilbert Gagnaire, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Easymile

Gilbert Gagnaire | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Easymile » speaking at MOVE

Sakshi Vij, Managing Director, Carzonrent India Pvt Ltd

Marc Berg, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Apps

Deepak Garg, Chief Executive Officer, Rivigo

Sebastian Saxe, Member Of The Management Board, Cdo, Cio And Head Of Services Division, Hamburg Port Authority

João Barros, Chief Executive Officer, Veniam

Alisa Maas, Lead Mobility Track, IOTA Foundation

Hagai Zyss, Chief Executive Officer, Autotalks

Paul Copping, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Greenwich of Royal Borough of Greenwich

Ryan Rzepecki, Chief Executive Officer, Jump Bikes

Dr. Chiara Manfletti, Programme Adviser To The Director General, European Space Agency

Gary Fisher, Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike, Trek Bicycle

Paul Steely White, Director Of Safety Policy And Advocacy, Bird Rides

Will Butler-Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Brompton Bicycles Ltd

Sytse Zuidema, Chief Executive Officer, NewMotion

Finn Age Hänsel, Chief Executive Officer, Movinga

Daniel Bentham, Head Of Research And Development For Smart Customers, EDF Energy PLC

Daniel Bentham | Head Of Research And Development For Smart Customers | EDF Energy PLC » speaking at MOVE

Beate Kubitz, Chief Operating Officer, Travel Spirit

Henrik Falk, Chairman, Pensionskasse der Hamburger Hochbahn

Marisca Zweistra, Leader V-2-G Project, CityZen Amsterdam

Michael Hajesch, Chief Executive Officer, Ionity

Michael Hajesch | Chief Executive Officer | Ionity » speaking at MOVE

Graeme Cooper, Director Of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

Jim Barna, Chief Engineer And Executive Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

Jim Barna | Chief Engineer And Executive Director | Ohio Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE

Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

Asher Bennett, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Tevva Motors

Asher Bennett | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Tevva Motors » speaking at MOVE

Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO

Florian Reuter, Chief Executive Officer, Volocopter

Sasha Afanasieva, Chief Executive Officer, Blubel

James Thornton, Chief Executive Officer, Client Earth

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

Chris Sheldrick, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer, what3words

Päivi Haikkola, Ecosystem Lead, DIMMEC Ltd.

Stefanie Lemcke, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GoKid

Sayeeda Ramla Hassan, Chief Executive Officer Pakistan, Safr

Peter Harris, Director Of Sustainability, UPS

Sohaila Ouffata, Director Of Platform, Bmw I Ventures, BMW i Ventures

Brent Lessard, Co-Founder And Project Manager, RLoop

Reetta Putkonen, Head Of Mobility Department, City of Helsinki

Christian Langer, Chief Digital Officer, Lufthansa Group

Michael Thacker, Evp Technology And Innovation, Bell Helicopter

Mar Pallas Poy, Vice President Europe Market Development - Expansion, Scoot

Anselm Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Albora

Matt Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Pivot Power

Martin Anderlind, Chief Operating Officer, Northvolt

Martin Anderlind | Chief Operating Officer | Northvolt » speaking at MOVE

Bruno Azevedo, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, AddVolt

Bruno Azevedo | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | AddVolt » speaking at MOVE

Oriol Badia Rafart, Chief Executive Officer, Malloy Aeronautics Ltd

Bryn Balcombe, Chief Strategy Officer, Roborace

Chris Ballinger, Chief Executive Officer, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

Chris Ballinger | Chief Executive Officer | Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative » speaking at MOVE

Miklós Berencsi, Head Of Department, Ministry Of Innovation And Technology, Government of the Republic of Hungary

Douglas Braun, Chief Executive Officer, BluJay

Janet Carpman PhD, Director Of Wayfinding, Institute for Human Centred Design

Francisco Carranza Sierra, Managing Director Energy Services, Renault - Nissan

Francisco Carranza Sierra | Managing Director Energy Services | Renault - Nissan » speaking at MOVE

Madeline Cheah, Cyber Security Innovation Lead, HORIBA MIRA

Ed Clarke, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Yojee

Benji Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer, EmptyTrips

Noam Copel, Founder, DAV Foundation

Noam Copel | Founder | DAV Foundation » speaking at MOVE

Colin Corbally, Partner And Head Of Investment Strategy, Downing Corporate Finance Ltd

Marion Decaillet MBA, Director Of Inclusive Transportation, Institute for Human Centred Design

Robert Dingemanse, Chief Executive Officer, PAL-V

Robert Dingemanse | Chief Executive Officer | PAL-V » speaking at MOVE

Eduardo Dominguez de la Puerta, Head Of Urban Air Mobility, Airbus

Eduardo Dominguez de la Puerta | Head Of Urban Air Mobility | Airbus » speaking at MOVE

Scott Faris, Chief Business Officer, Luminar Technologies

Scott Faris | Chief Business Officer | Luminar Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Paulo Ferreira Dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer, UbiRider

Rajit Gadh, Co-Founder, MOEV

Rajit Gadh | Co-Founder | MOEV » speaking at MOVE

Matt Ginsberg, Manager, Europe, Connected Signals

Bill Goodwin, Head Of Legal And Policy, AirMap

Oliver Haines, European Accounts Director, Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Casper Harboe, Head, Mobility Unit, City of Copenhagen

Casper Harboe | Head, Mobility Unit | City of Copenhagen » speaking at MOVE

Jim Heathcote, Chief Executive Officer, Superdielectrics

Jaime Ruiz Huescar, E-Mobility Manager, Ayuntamiento De Murcia

George Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Tech City Ventures

Johann Jungwirth, Evp Mobility Services, Volkswagen

Arthur Keller, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Knot

Arthur Keller | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Knot » speaking at MOVE

Allie Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, The Ray

Mike Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, MetroCount

Pavel Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer, Zubax Robotics

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility Services And Business Development, NSB

Jozsef Kovacs, Chief Executive Officer, Commsignia

Jozsef Kovacs | Chief Executive Officer | Commsignia » speaking at MOVE

Ken Kroeger, Chief Executive Officer, Seeing Machines

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, Chief Executive Officer, Level Five Supplies

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley | Chief Executive Officer | Level Five Supplies » speaking at MOVE

Paul Leibold, Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive City Mobility

Paul Leibold | Chief Executive Officer | Adaptive City Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Kristjan Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Bikeep

Michael Loehr, Founder And Managing Director, Tiramizoo Limited

Victor Malachard, Chief Executive Officer, Bookmycharge

Victor Malachard | Chief Executive Officer | Bookmycharge » speaking at MOVE

Paul Manwaring, Founder, IoT Living Labs BV

Michael Masquelier, Chief Executive Officer, WAVE

Jonathan Matus, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Zendrive

John Monarch, Chief Executive Officer, Ship Chain

Oliver Montague, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, SwytchBike

Gary Morgan, Country Manager, Flx Rides

Gary Morgan | Country Manager | Flx Rides » speaking at MOVE

Brian Murray, Vice President And Head Of Research, Craft Ventures

Doron Myersdorf, Chief Executive Officer, StoreDot Ltd

Temitope Olodo, President, Africa Security Forum

Angus Pacala, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Ouster

Chris Pendleton, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Michael Potter, Chief Executive Officer, DriveElectric

Michael Potter | Chief Executive Officer | DriveElectric » speaking at MOVE

Svilen Rangelov, Chief Executive Officer, Dronamics

Svilen Rangelov | Chief Executive Officer | Dronamics » speaking at MOVE

Olivier Reppert, Chief Executive Officer, Car2go

Olivier Reppert | Chief Executive Officer | Car2go » speaking at MOVE

David Richards, Business Development, A2Bplus

Mate Rimac, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Rimac Automobile

Markus Seidel, Vice President And Head Of Bmw Technology Group China, BMW Group

Markus Seidel | Vice President And Head Of Bmw Technology Group China | BMW Group » speaking at MOVE

Peter Servaas, President, DoubleMap Inc

Graham Paul Smith, Urban Designer, Urban Design

Craig Smith, Senior Director of Product Security, Byton

Chris Snyder, Senior Vice President Of Expansion, Via

Chris Snyder | Senior Vice President Of Expansion | Via » speaking at MOVE

Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Paztir

David Sturzenegger, Product Development Team Lead, Teralytics

Tim Sylvester, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Technology, Integrated Roadways

Sergey Vladimirov, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Capte

Harry Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, Future Mobility Solutions GmbH

Marianne Weinreich, Chairman, Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Desmond Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer, Envision Solar International

Sarah Jayne Williams, Director Of Smart Mobility, Ford of Europe

Adam Woolway, Managing Director And Co-Founder, Plugsurfing

Karlheinz Wurm, Chief Executive Officer, Autonomous Intelligent Driving

Roberto Abbondio, Managing Director - New Digital Business, Eurostar

Kåre Albrechtsen, Head Of Sustainable Mobility, Copenhagen Electric

Christopher Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Bridge

Nico Anten, Executive Chairman, Connekt

Suresh Babu Salla, Managing Director And System Developer, Primerail Infralabs Pvt Ltd

Szabolcs Balogh, Managing Director, NKM Mobilitas

Szabolcs Balogh | Managing Director | NKM Mobilitas » speaking at MOVE

Tim Blumenthal, President, People for Bikes Coalition

Tim Blumenthal | President | People for Bikes Coalition » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Bouaziz, Chief Executive Officer, Citodi

Ben Boutcher-West, Head Of Mobility, AppyParking

Ben Boutcher-West | Head Of Mobility | AppyParking » speaking at MOVE

Taco Carlier, CEO, VanMoof Commuter Bikes

Taco Carlier | CEO | VanMoof Commuter Bikes » speaking at MOVE

Allison Clift-Jennings, Chief Executive Officer, Filament, LLC

Amy Gu, Managing Partner, Hemi Ventures

Niels Haverkorn, General Manager, Connected Transport, Irdeto

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Johan Herrlin, Chief Executive Officer, Ito World

Lars Hesselgren, Research Director, P.L.P. Architecture

Jeffrey Hiott, American Public Transportation Association

Jeffrey Hiott |  | American Public Transportation Association » speaking at MOVE

Chris Jobs, Chief Operating Officer, Close Circle

Chris Jobs | Chief Operating Officer | Close Circle » speaking at MOVE

Ralf Kalupner, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Nextbike

Ralf Kalupner | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Nextbike » speaking at MOVE

Yuval Karmi, Architect And Urban Economist, BoLepo

Alexander Kirn, Chief Executive Officer, Invers

Alexander Kirn | Chief Executive Officer | Invers » speaking at MOVE

Christian Lang, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Chargery

Colin Lim Fun Wang, Managing Director, Smrt Services, Vice President, Strategic Relations Office And Chief Executive Officer, Mobilityx, S.M.R.T. Corp

Colin Lim Fun Wang | Managing Director, Smrt Services, Vice President, Strategic Relations Office And Chief Executive Officer, Mobilityx | S.M.R.T. Corp » speaking at MOVE

Arja Lukin, Project Director, Airport City Aviapolis, City of Vantaa

Arja Lukin | Project Director, Airport City Aviapolis | City of Vantaa » speaking at MOVE

Adel Mardini, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Ex Flight Support

Adel Mardini | Chief Executive Officer | Jet Ex Flight Support » speaking at MOVE

Arianna Mazzeo, Visiting Professor, Design Research And Contemporary Practice, Harvard University

Arianna Mazzeo | Visiting Professor, Design Research And Contemporary Practice | Harvard University » speaking at MOVE

Tarun Mehta, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Ather Energy

Laurent Mercat, Chief Executive Officer, Smoove

Laurent Mercat | Chief Executive Officer | Smoove » speaking at MOVE

Simbarashe Mhuriro, Chief Executive Officer, Oxygen Energy Zimbabwe

Simbarashe Mhuriro | Chief Executive Officer | Oxygen Energy Zimbabwe » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer, JpU

Jonathan Schwartz | Chief Executive Officer | JpU » speaking at MOVE

Omer Sharar, Chief Executive Officer, infiniDome

Omer Sharar | Chief Executive Officer | infiniDome » speaking at MOVE

Eran Shir, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Nexar

Gideon Shmuel, Chief Executive Officer, eyeSight Technologies

Gary Smith, Director Of Operations Transformation, EasyJet

Steve Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rapid Flow

Steve Smith | Chief Executive Officer | Rapid Flow » speaking at MOVE

Ian Sweeney, General Manager, Mobility, TROV

Ian Sweeney | General Manager, Mobility | TROV » speaking at MOVE

Bijit Halder, Chief Executive Officer, Drive.Ai

Johan Von Porat, Chief Operating Officer, UbiGo Innovation

Barry White, Chief Executive Officer, Transport for the North

Barry White | Chief Executive Officer | Transport for the North » speaking at MOVE

Jens Wohltorf, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Blacklane

Brian Zanghi, Chief Executive Officer, Masabi

Brian Zheng, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, LIVALL IoT Technology

Chris Bristow, Chief Operating Officer, BetterPoints

Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, Polis Network

Safa Alkateb, Managing Director, Autocab

Shakeel Avadhany, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Motion

Shakeel Avadhany | Chief Executive Officer | Clear Motion » speaking at MOVE

Silje Bareksten, Head Of Sustainability And Technology, Nor-Shipping

Markus Basler, Director Digital Business, SBB

Stan Boland, CEO, FiveAI

Xavier Brice, Chief Executive Officer, Sustrans

Xavier Brice | Chief Executive Officer | Sustrans » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Cameron, Chief Executive Officer, Voyage

Bobby Healy, Chief Technology Officer, CarTrawler

Sampo Hietanen, Chief Executive Officer, MaaS Global

Olav Madland, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Autonomy

Philipp Mintchin, Chief Executive Officer, Splyt

Lars Möreke, Director Automotive And Mobility, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures

Daryn Nakhuda, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Mighty AI

Raphael Pfaff, Professor Of Rail Vehicle Engineering, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Paul Priestman, Director, PriestmanGoode

Paul Priestman | Director | PriestmanGoode » speaking at MOVE

Tijs Roelofs, Head Of City Innovation, City of Amsterdam

Tijs Roelofs | Head Of City Innovation | City of Amsterdam » speaking at MOVE

Paulo Soeiro De Carvalho, General Director For Economy And Innovation, Camara Municipal De Lisboa

Paulo Soeiro De Carvalho | General Director For Economy And Innovation | Camara Municipal De Lisboa » speaking at MOVE

Alexandr Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Scale Api

I Watkins, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Dovu

Andrew Wheeldon, Advocacy And Research, Bicycle Cities

Andrew Wheeldon | Advocacy And Research | Bicycle Cities » speaking at MOVE

Sam Zaid, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Getaround

Richard Barlow, Chief Executive Officer, Wejo Ltd

Richard Barlow | Chief Executive Officer | Wejo Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City Missouri

Christian Bering, Technology And Data Lead, Autonomous Mobliity

Christian Bering | Technology And Data Lead | Autonomous Mobliity » speaking at MOVE

Ivo Boscarol, President And Chief Executive Officer, Pipistrel

Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director Europe, ChargePoint Inc

Rob Chapman, Managing Director, Founder's Intelligence

Jan Charouz, Chief Executive Officer, SmileCar

Ant Chisnall, Chief Executive Officer, Drivernet

Sam Clarke, Co-Director, Gnewt Cargo

Karl Filip Coenegrachts, Founder And Director, citiesofpeople

Justin Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer, GoMetro

Xavier Collins, Managing Director Uk, Turo

Isaiah Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Wheeltug

Rafael Cuesta, Head Of Innovation, Transport for Greater Manchester

Ami Dotan, Chief Executive Officer, Karamba Security

Ami Dotan | Chief Executive Officer | Karamba Security » speaking at MOVE

Louay Eldada, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Quanergy

Nir Erez, Chief Executive Officer, Moovit

Carme Fabregas, Chief Technology Officer, Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita

Carme Fabregas | Chief Technology Officer | Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita » speaking at MOVE

Ramsey Faragher, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Focal Point Positioning

Patrick Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Drivy

Gunnar Froh, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, WunderCar Mobility

Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer, City Sprint

Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Next Future Transportation

Syed Gilani, Chief Executive Officer, Safr

Jonathan Hampson, General Manager Uk, Zipcar UK

Ole Harms, Chief Executive Officer, MOIA

Ole Harms | Chief Executive Officer | MOIA » speaking at MOVE

Richard Harris, Director Europe, Ohmio Automation

Knut Hechtfischer, Chief Executive Officer, ubitricity

Ahti Heinla, Chief Executive Officer, Starship Technologies

Michael Hurwitz, Director Of Transport Innovation, Transport for London

Gabriel Jacobsen, Chief Executive Officer, Valerann

Tom Kirschbaum, Chief Operating Officer And Managing Director, Door2Door

Ed Klinger, Chief Executive Officer, Flock

Ed Klinger | Chief Executive Officer | Flock » speaking at MOVE

Matt Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Synaptiv

Jeremy Long, Chief Executive Officer European Business, MTR Corporation Limited

Tony Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Faxi

Noam Maital, Chief Executive Officer, WayCare

Oliver Maiwald, Senior Vice President Powertrain Technology And Innovation, Continental

David Martell, Chief Executive Officer, Charge Master Plc

Bryan Mistele, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, INRIX

Lawrence Mohammed, Director And Head Mechanic C.I.C., Pro Bike Service

Gavin Neate, Chief Executive Officer, Neatebox Ltd

Mark Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer, Vivacity Labs

Brian O'Rourke, Chief Executive Officer, CitySwifter

Brian O'Rourke | Chief Executive Officer | CitySwifter » speaking at MOVE

Jan Pettersson, Head Of Electrified Roads Project, Swedish Transport Administration

Sravan Puttagunta, Chief Executive Officer, Civi lMaps Co

Ravi Puvvala, Chief Executive Officer, Savari

Ravi Puvvala | Chief Executive Officer | Savari » speaking at MOVE

Kimmo Rauma, Vice President, Danfoss Editron Ltd.

Jason Rees, Chief Executive Officer, FarePilot

Sam Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO, Zeelo

Joned Sarwar, Co-Founder And Technical Team Lead, Alchera Technologies

Laura Schewel, Chief Executive Officer, StreetLight Data

Monique Seth, Partner And Chief Executive Officer, Conigital

Jan Erik Solem, Chief Executive Officer, Mapillary

Jan Erik Solem | Chief Executive Officer | Mapillary » speaking at MOVE

Arcady Sosinov, Chief Executive Officer, FreeWire Technologies

Adam St. John, Chief Executive Officer, Sitata

Patrick Studener, Vice President, Head Of Emea, Bird Rides

Alistair Sussock, Co-Founder And Co-Chief Executive Officer, SafeBoda

Alistair Sussock | Co-Founder And Co-Chief Executive Officer | SafeBoda » speaking at MOVE

Aarjav Trivedi, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ridecell

Eugene Tsyrklevich, Chief Executive Officer, Parkopedia

Risto Vahtra, Chief Executive Officer, High Mobility

Carel Van Helsdigen, Chief Executive Officer, 2getthere

Kristof Vereenooghe, Chief Executive Officer, EVBox

Markus Villig, Chief Executive Officer, Taxify

Markus Villig | Chief Executive Officer | Taxify » speaking at MOVE

Tom Wilson, Vice President Automotive, Graphcore

Brian Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Trilumina

Matthew Dacey, Head Of Digital, New Opportunities, Group Digital, Stagecoach Group

Matthew Dacey | Head Of Digital, New Opportunities, Group Digital | Stagecoach Group » speaking at MOVE

Philippa Eddie, Commercial Finance Specialist, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

Philippa Eddie | Commercial Finance Specialist | Infrastructure and Projects Authority » speaking at MOVE

Chris Lane, Head Of Transport Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Chris Lane | Head Of Transport Innovation | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE

Gawain Morrison, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Sensum

Felix Leuschner, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Drover

Michel Mostert, Head Of Smart Mobility Programme, City of Rotterdam

Michel Mostert | Head Of Smart Mobility Programme | City of Rotterdam » speaking at MOVE

David Pistoni, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Zeleros


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