Meet our 2020 Speakers

Neil Ackroyd, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ordnance Survey

Bob Moran, Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy, Department For Transport (United Kingdom)

Bob Moran | Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy | Department For Transport (United Kingdom) » speaking at MOVE

Chantal Ambord, General Manager, Pro, BlaBlaCar

Chantal Ambord | General Manager, Pro | BlaBlaCar » speaking at MOVE

Sahil Barua, CEO, delhivery

René Braun, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rydes, Lufthansa Innovation Hub

René Braun | Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rydes | Lufthansa Innovation Hub » speaking at MOVE

Ian Cameron, Head Of Innovation, UK Power Networks

Matt Carpenter, CFO, Audi of America

Matt Carpenter | CFO | Audi of America » speaking at MOVE

Dan Chen, Vice President, 3M

Cindi Choi, Managing Director, Total Energy Ventures

Cindi Choi | Managing Director | Total Energy Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Graeme Cooper, Director Of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

Graeme Cooper | Director Of Electric Vehicles | National Grid » speaking at MOVE

Jay Crossley, Executive Director, Farm & City

Jay Crossley | Executive Director | Farm & City » speaking at MOVE

Greta Cutulenco, Co-Founder & CEO, Acerta

Greta Cutulenco | Co-Founder & CEO | Acerta » speaking at MOVE

Paulin Dementhon, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Drivy

Paulin Dementhon | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Drivy » speaking at MOVE

Rebecca Dib-Simkin, Director of Product, Octopus Energy

Rebecca Dib-Simkin | Director of Product | Octopus Energy » speaking at MOVE

Kobi Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer,

Nir Erez, Chief Executive Officer, Moovit

Iain Forbes, Head Of The Centre For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles, Department For Transport (United Kingdom)

Martin Fröhlich, Head of New Horizons, Deutsche Bahn AG

Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO

Lise Fuhr | Director General | ETNO » speaking at MOVE

Deepak Garg, Chief Executive Officer, Rivigo

Deepak Garg | Chief Executive Officer | Rivigo » speaking at MOVE

Raphael Gindrat, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Bestmile SA

Raphael Gindrat | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Bestmile SA » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Glancy, President, freeli

Andrew Glancy, President, freeli

Andrew Glancy | President | freeli » speaking at MOVE

Tamara Goriely, Lawyer Automated Vehicle Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Dame of the British Empire, House of Lords

The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson | Dame of the British Empire | House of Lords » speaking at MOVE

Dan Grossman, CEO, Zagster

Dan Grossman | CEO | Zagster » speaking at MOVE

Andy Gruber, Global Chief Executive Officer And President, PayByPhone

Sébastien Guillon, CEO, Andyamo

Sébastien Guillon | CEO | Andyamo » speaking at MOVE

Amos Haggiag, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Optibus

Vivekananda Hallekere, Co Founder, Bounce

Vivekananda Hallekere | Co Founder | Bounce » speaking at MOVE

Jennifer Haroon, Chief Operating Officer, Nauto

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Neil Herron, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Grid Smarter Cities

Neil Herron | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Grid Smarter Cities » speaking at MOVE

Fredrik Hjelm, Chief Executive Officer, VOI Technology

Carlos Holguin, CEO, Autokab

Carlos Holguin | CEO | Autokab » speaking at MOVE

Laurent Horvath, Smart City Manager, Canton of Geneva

Laurent Horvath | Smart City Manager | Canton of Geneva » speaking at MOVE

Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona Howarth | Chief Executive Officer | Octopus Electric Vehicles » speaking at MOVE

Joanna Hubbard, Co-Founder And CEO, Electron

Michael Hurwitz, Director Of Transport Innovation, Transport for London

Michael Hurwitz | Director Of Transport Innovation | Transport for London » speaking at MOVE

Liad Itzhak, CEO, HERE Mobility

Liad Itzhak | CEO | HERE Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Dirk Kronemeijer, Founder & CEO, GoodFuels

Dirk Kronemeijer | Founder & CEO | GoodFuels » speaking at MOVE

Albert Lam, Chairman And Group Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Electric

Albert Lam | Chairman And Group Chief Executive Officer | Detroit Electric » speaking at MOVE

Andreas Lamprecht, CTO, AirMap

Andreas Lamprecht | CTO | AirMap » speaking at MOVE

Yves Le Gelard, Chief Digital Officer, ENGIE

Yves Le Gelard | Chief Digital Officer | ENGIE » speaking at MOVE

Marc Lepage, CEO, Wattpark

Marc Lepage | CEO | Wattpark » speaking at MOVE

Yoav Levy, Co-Founder & CEO, Upstream Security

Kirsty Lloyd-Jukes, Chief Executive Officer, Latent Logic

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten, Chief Executive Officer, ReachNow

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten | Chief Executive Officer | ReachNow » speaking at MOVE

Neil Morris, CEO, The Faraday Institution

David Moss, Senior Vice President Research & Development, Nissan

David Moss | Senior Vice President Research & Development | Nissan » speaking at MOVE

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, Director Of Regulation And Public Policy, Bolt

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch | Director Of Regulation And Public Policy | Bolt » speaking at MOVE

Paul Newman, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Oxbotica

Paul Newman | Founder And Chief Technology Officer | Oxbotica » speaking at MOVE

Ralf Nicolas, Chief Quality Officer, Baic

Ralf Nicolas | Chief Quality Officer | Baic » speaking at MOVE

Robin North, Chief Executive Officer, Immense Simulations

Funmi Onamusi, Managing Director, 3F EV

Funmi Onamusi | Managing Director | 3F EV » speaking at MOVE

Andres Osula, Chief Executive Officer, Turnit

Andres Osula | Chief Executive Officer | Turnit » speaking at MOVE

Justin Ott, Chief Executive Officer, Spark Ev Technology

Vicente Pascual, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Cabify

Vicente Pascual | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Cabify » speaking at MOVE

Amit Patel, Motivational Speaker, Transport & Ability

Amit Patel | Motivational Speaker | Transport & Ability » speaking at MOVE

Gisle Pedersen, Head Of Digital Product Development, Entur

Gisle Pedersen | Head Of Digital Product Development | Entur » speaking at MOVE

Nico Polleti, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Cluno

Sophie Punte, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre

Talib Qayyum, Founder, Parking Eagle

Talib Qayyum | Founder | Parking Eagle » speaking at MOVE

Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy And Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport

Jörg Reimann, CEO, ChargeNow / ParkNow

Olivier Reppert, Chief Executive Officer, Share Now

Keith Richards, Chair, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

Karina Ricks, Director of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

Jeff Russakow, CEO, Boosted

Jeff Russakow | CEO | Boosted » speaking at MOVE

Ankala Saibaba, Chief Engineer, Indian Railways

Joseph Scalea, Multi Organ Transplant Surgeon, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Joseph Scalea | Multi Organ Transplant Surgeon | University of Maryland School of Medicine » speaking at MOVE

Tal Shalit, Chief Executive Officer, Betterez

Tal Shalit | Chief Executive Officer | Betterez » speaking at MOVE

Ankur Sharma, Senior Director Of Product Management, Goibibo

Ankur Sharma | Senior Director Of Product Management | Goibibo » speaking at MOVE

Reza Shaybani, Co-Founder & CEO, The EV Network

Reza Shaybani | Co-Founder & CEO | The EV Network » speaking at MOVE

Charlie Simpson, Partner And Head Of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Tim Smith, Global Auto And Mobility Director, Ustwo

Tommaso Tamburnotti, Co-Founder & CEO, Easyship

Tommaso Tamburnotti | Co-Founder & CEO | Easyship » speaking at MOVE

Sandith Thandasherry, CEO, NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats

Sandith Thandasherry | CEO | NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats » speaking at MOVE

Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

Alain Visser, CEO, Lynk & Co

Alain Visser | CEO | Lynk & Co » speaking at MOVE

Charlie Wartnaby, Chief Engineer, IDIADA

Daniel Wiegand, Chief Executive Officer, Lilium

Daniel Wiegand | Chief Executive Officer | Lilium » speaking at MOVE

Rob Wiesenthal, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Fly Blade

Rob Wiesenthal | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Fly Blade » speaking at MOVE

Bob Youakim, Chief Executive Officer, Passport Labs, Inc.

Bob Youakim | Chief Executive Officer | Passport Labs, Inc. » speaking at MOVE

Brian Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Trilumina

Brian Wong | Chief Executive Officer | Trilumina » speaking at MOVE

Jamie Hodson, Ethics & Accessibility Policy Advisor, Department For Transport (United Kingdom)

Jamie Hodson | Ethics & Accessibility Policy Advisor | Department For Transport (United Kingdom) » speaking at MOVE

Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors

Guenter Butschek | CEO & MD | Tata Motors » speaking at MOVE

Paul Steely White, Director Of Safety Policy And Advocacy, Bird Rides

Tom Benson, Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Lab

Tom Benson | Research Fellow | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Lab » speaking at MOVE

William Berry, CEO,

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