Self-driving vehicles will save millions of lives and transform the economy. Before they become mainstream, they need to be able to navigate safely and reliably in all types of road and weather conditions. WaveSense's map enables just that by radically reducing navigation failure rates. WaveSense is currently piloting its product with leading automakers, Tier 1s, and technology companies.

Every road in the world has a unique subsurface signature. WaveSense uses ground penetrating radar to create a map of those subsurface signatures from which self-driving cars can navigate. Vehicles using the WaveSense map are unaffected by common but challenging road conditions like snow, heavy rain, fog, or poor lane markings. Because WaveSense's solution is independent of dynamic environments above the road, it can improve overall navigation by orders of magnitude when combined with existing sensor suites, even in clear conditions.

WaveSense will accelerate the arrival of self-driving vehicles, help save millions of lives, and transform the future of transport.


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