Paztir was founded in 2017 by Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Jure Vižintin, Jurij Čelešnik and Nerina Čorbadžić and is now based in Maastricht in The Netherlands. 

Motivated by environmental concern and inspired by their diverse backgrounds in technology, the Paztir came together and recognised that by optimising cycle logistics, emission-free delivery becomes more economically viable. 

By talking to several different cycle logistics fleet managers and couriers in the Netherlands and other EU countries, as well as several manufacturers and industry specialists, the team adopted a hands-on approach to developing the Paztir system. Their focus on efficiency, optimisation and transparency has resulted in a unique, safe and reliable system that automates vehicle and box locks, tracks, and manages access, helping save up to 50 minutes daily per vehicle, keeping assets safe, and providing performance insights.


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