Parkbob digitises the last mile.
We organise global parking data and transforms it into actionable information to enable better mobility decisions.

1. Digital on-street parking rules & restrictions, covering 50 cities in EU/North America, 120 EOY 2019
2. Data science based parking information that helps drivers to take better decisions, e.g.
  • Increasing carsharing fleet utilization
  • Identifying drop off / pickup zones for logistics & ride hailing
  • Satellite based ground-truth for parking availability
  • Improved Last-mile routing
This is offered as an API service to companies who wish to enhance their existing last-mile experience

The world’s biggest data-set for last mile (stats as of November 2018)
-Worldwide: 50 cities, 3 continents
-Reach: 143,000 KM digitised
-Cityscape: 23,000,000 parking spots
-Complexity: 5000+ distinct rules


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