Optimile is a mobility software company with head office in Ghent, Belgium. It develops fully operational Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms that contain all necessary features and functionalities to operate as a MaaS-player. These are white-label platforms & apps which can be easily tailored to one’s needs and corporate identity. They enable organizations and private companies to offer connected mobility to its users, with its very own go-to-market strategy.
Optimile achieves this all-in-one mobility solution by partnering up with different mobility operators from all over Europe, such as public transport operators, shared bike and car initiatives, charge point operators, etc. These operators, in turn, can be integrated into different Mobility Service Providers through Optimile’s Mobility Marketplace. This integration gives end mobility users the ultimate freedom to book and pay different mobility services via one single app.
This is Optimile’s response to the contemporary rise of usership over ownership, more precisely the shift away from personally owned means of transportation towards mobility solutions consumed as a service. That’s why it offers its platform to all kinds of MaaS players, such as cities & governments, fuel stations, leasing companies, banks, etc. so in the end everyone would be able to experience the advantages of connected mobility.


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