GoOpti is a demand responsive transportation marketplace which provides innovative matching of passengers for shared and private transfers between airports and smaller towns/cities. It offers three types of transfers: shared (the cheapest), private (the most convenient) and customized (for users with specific requirements), and operates in 7 different European countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary).

GoOpti utilizes a platform providing web and mobile app in which dynamic pricing and pooling, risk management, routing and payment transactions are incorporated. The platform allows, on one hand, passengers to get an affordable, convenient, and direct transfer at the desired time from home to the airport, and, on the other, shuttle companies to get pricing, marketing, and sales know-how, route planning, customer and driver support. GoOpti's low-cost pricing business model basis on optimization algorithms, that pool people in vehicles based on their departure time flexibility and routing preferences, thus it can provide transfer that is profitable when other transportation fails. Thus, GoOpti helps to facilitate mobility of people by providing a transport service in areas where public connection lacks, including smaller and semi-rural towns where people struggle to reach nearby airports or even connect with neighboring towns. By providing an affordable and reliable transport service, GoOpti can offer a better alternative to private cars, public transport and ride-sharing/ride-hailing systems for certain mobility needs.

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