Alp Technologies


Alp Technologies is a renewable energy engineering start-up based in London. We focus on developing renewable energy technologies for the developing world. Since founding in 2015, we have won multiple awards and funded R&D projects on advanced battery systems, power electronic and control systems. 

Our battery system called BRIC is the safest and most affordable li-ion battery storage system designed for the developing world.  

Using unconventional and innovative electronics and sensors design, BRIC utilizes new or used small cylindrical li-ion battery cells called 18650 safely.  At less than £30 per kWhr using recycled li-ion cells or £90 per kWhr using new cells, it is a fraction of the cost of other systems.  BRIC accomplishes this by an electronic design that monitor and control individual batteries on a cell level.  This guarantees safety, optimize performance, and prolong useful life while allowing any servicing or replacement to be done simply and cheaply.  In fact, the system is engineered to be proactive rather than reactive to arising issues – e.g. elevated temperature of a single bad cell is flagged before its heat can damage neighbouring cells or entire pack.


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