Alchera Technologies


Alchera Technologies provides absolute, real-time data on vehicle and pedestrian counts and movements around cities and major infrastructure. We use an AI-powered software platform to do this at lower cost, larger scale and with greater reliability than current solutions. Our platform uses advanced Machine Learning to ingest and fuse data from existing large-scale sensor and video networks around a city to build an enriched, multi-layered dataset.  Our technology is rapidly scalable and provides accuracy to the level of an individual object (whilst maintaining privacy-by-design). We make this data available to owners, operators and enterprise users of city infrastructure to help them understand historic, real-time and future activity and to implement new data-driven products and services. Our largest system deployment currently in use combines thousands of video cameras and performs hundreds of thousands of measurements every day to provide up to the minute data to transport analysts, smart mobility operators and enterprise users. This represents the only demonstration of absolute, real-time traffic counts and classifications, at city scale, in the UK today. Our goal is to provide reliable real-time data to enable dynamic and responsive mobility applications around cities (for example: congestion management; dynamic pricing of road usage; V2X communications for autonomous vehicles; responsive scheduling of mass transit; etc.). We see this as a critical step towards realising the potential of Smarter Cities.  


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