12 February 2019

  • The platform for leel 5 autonomous vehicles -  Danny Shapiro, Sr. Director of Automotive, NVIDIA

  • The journey to safety in the city -  Stan Boland, CEO, FiveAI

  • Making autonomous to scale: Inserting the software middle layer - Chris Heiser, CEO, Renovo

  • Acceptance Panel: Educating the public about AV technology - Olav Madland, CEO, Applied Autonomy

  • Bringing the key mapping component to autonomous vehicles - James Wu, CEO, DeepMap

  • From trials to operational services: Progress of electric driverless shuttles - Richard Harris, MD Europe, Ohmio Automation

  • How the UK can become a leader in future mobility services - Iain Forbes, Head of the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Dept. for Transport

  • Cyber security panel: Proactive or reactive - Ami Dotan, CEO, Karamba Security & Niels Haverkorn, General Manager Connected Transport, Irdeto

  • Creating the next generation of machine learning intelligence - Tom Wilson, VP Automotive, Graphcore

  • Autonomous driving mobility platforms: Knowing the destination - Aarjav Trivedi, CEO, Ridecell

  • Developing cognitive cars - Sravan Puttagunta, CEO, CivilMaps

  • TfL's CAV2 level 4 autonomous vehicle tests - Michael Hurwitz, Director of Transportation Innovation, TfL

13 February 2019

  • Self-driving shuttle buses: The revolution is here! - Gilbert Gagnaire, Founder & CEO, EasyMile

  • Self-driving cars: Linking a retirement community - Oliver Cameron, CEO, Voyage

  • Safety: Predicting the unpredicable - Sameep Tandon, CEO, Drive.AI

  • Insurance Panel: New models for insuring future autonomous activities - Ian Sweeney, General Manager Mobility, Trov

  • Autonomous pod platform: Creating an interactive ecosystem - Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder & CTO, Next Future Transportation

  • Street level images for automotive AI systems - Jan Erik Solem, CEO, Mapillary

  • Deep learning: Improving a car's driving ability over time - Dr. Graeme Smith, CEO, Oxbotica

  • Innovation & living labs panel: Agile innovation delivery for the transport sector - Paolo Soeiro de Carvalho, General Director for Economy and Innovation, City of Lisbon

  • Autonomous freight: Towards a letter box for freight rail - Raphael Pfaff, Professor of Rail Vehicle Engineering, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

  • Creating a maritime ecosystem - Päivi Haikkola, EcoSystem Lead, One Sea

  • Regulation: Operating industrial drones - Leif Johan Holand, CEO, Griff Aviation

  • Data collation: Predicting breakdowns, collisions and environmental impact - Richard Barlow, CEO, Wejo


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