Ghussaina Al Hilu | Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale
Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Jordan | Jordan

Ghussaina Al Hilu, Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Jordan

Presently is the Director of Petroleum and Oil Shale Directorate at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, responsible for the characterization, assessment, management, promotion and utilization and exploitation of Jordan’s energy resources, especially the Kingdom’s extensive deposits of oil shale and setting the policies and strategies of both the Petroleum exploration campaigns and investment projects as well as the oil shale exploitation and investment projects. Responsible for monitoring seven Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and four Concession Agreements (CA) negotiated between the Government and the companies which propose to develop oil shale in Jordan and two Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) and one Enhancement Production Agreement (EPA).
Helped in developing Jordan’s current strategy for oil shale development projects and working currently on setting Instructions and regulations to control the Investment Projects in both Oil Exploration and Oil Shale exploitation fields. Helped in setting MEMR’s evaluation criteria for oil shale investments. Finalized various provisions of the Oil Shale Mining Agreements for MEMR. Helped finalize the agreement templates for new field tests and pilot plants. Supports the continuous updating of MEMR’s template for Memoranda of Understanding and various agreements.


The Mining Show 2017 day 1 @ 11:40

Ministerial address: Mining investment and development in Jordan

Stream 2
  •     Updates on mining investment and development opportunities in Jordan
  •     Overview of strategies and production sharing agreements
  •     Understanding regulations and frameworks for investment in Jordan

The Mining Show 2017 day 2 @ 15:40

Panel: The ongoing drive for female empowerment in mining

Stream 2
  •     Achieving gender equality
  •     Championing cultural change and moving the conversation forward
  •     Developing diverse teams
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