Gholamhossein Ghorbankarimi | Mineral Processing Expert
Geological Survey of Iran | Iran

Gholamhossein Ghorbankarimi, Mineral Processing Expert, Geological Survey of Iran

Mr. Gholamhossein Ghorbankarimi is currently the Manager of Geoscience Advanced Technologies Incubator (GATI) that is a subsidiary of Geological Survey of Iran (GSI). He is also responsible for new mineral processing center that the subject is about recovery and extraction of rare metals and elements from Iranian mines and deposits. He has over 12 experiences in the various domestic and international projects of GSI. One of these projects was establish a web base database for mineral processing plants in Iran. This information is access able through He visited some mineral processing plants in Venezuela, Sudan and China and prepares detailed technical report from these plants for GSI.
Gholamhossein holds B.Sc. degree in mineral exploration engineering from Tehran University in Iran and M.Sc. in Mineral Processing from Amirkabir University, Tehran in Iran. Also he passed a one year course in MBA in Tehran University.
Recently he is focused in some projects for GSI and some private mining companies in Iran that are following: laboratory and pilot studies, plant design, preparation pre-feasibility and feasibility study for iron concentrate plant, laboratory and technology studies for recovery of lithium and magnesium from brines deposits in Iran, cooperate in preparation report for identification of mineral industry and mining opportunities for Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Iran, some studies about recovery of REE from mineral deposits potentials in Iran. Furthermore, aimed to expansion of international activities and FDI, Gholamhossein accompanied with GSI team has been attending in MENA mining in recent 4 years. 
Gholamhossein’s interest have been in the subjects such as: mineral processing studies, research and development about Mineral industry, foreign investment and new technologies, Plant design, rare metals recovery and project programming.


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