Waleed Ahmed | Rail Development
The Go-Ahead Group Plc | United Kingdom

Waleed Ahmed, Rail Development, The Go-Ahead Group Plc

A Charted Engineer and a Charted Quality Professional. Over 8 years of experience in engineering and innovation with the Go-Ahead Group, which operates 35% of all passenger train journeys in the U.K. Completing a part-time PhD in Generative Engineering Technologies.


Middle East Rail 2018 day 1 @ 15:40

Panel: Disrupting mobility with the Internet of Everything

  •     Connecting the entire public transport system and all its modes
  •     How digitally-enabled and autonomous technology is changing the way we travel
  •     IoT per public transport mode: what is being implemented and how does it fit in with other modes?
  •     How IoT can capacity and population challenges
  •     How connectivity and artificial intelligence can plan and book entire journey’s

Middle East Rail 2018 day 2 @ 12:20

The new normal: forging the relationship between IT and engineering

  •     Developing highly integrated, highly automated processes through collaborative teamwork
  •     When software and hardware combine: inspiring mobility 4.0
  •     Adopting a holistic approach to asset management through company-wide function integration

Middle East Rail 2018 day 2 @ 14:20

Panel: A sharing economy: opportunities for public transport

  •     Empowering transport planners and operators with shared economy solutions: shared assets, car sharing, ride sharing
  •     Sharing and redistributing excess capacity of goods and service: benefits to public transport
  •     Evaluating shared mobility systems and how existing modes fit in
  •     Quantifying the value of aligning shared mobility with existing public transport modes
  •     Competing with convenience within the ‘on-demand’ economy

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