Rolf Härdi | CTO
Deutsche Bahn AG | Germany

Rolf Härdi, CTO, Deutsche Bahn AG


Middle East Rail 2018 day 1 @ 14:20

Panel: Driving the digital transformation of transportation infrastructure

  •     Adopting the digital-rail infrastructure ecosystem: smart cities, smart travel, smart life
  •     Envisioning a digital multimodal network: coordinated, integrated, streamlined and most importantly; safe
  •     Achieving network optimisation and shaping the digital rail supply chain
  •     Maintaining systems and infrastructure to support railways in a changing world

Middle East Rail 2018 day 1 @ 15:00

Deutsche Bahn Building our digital future today

  •     Our digital future: where are we now and where are we going?
  •     Digital innovations to deliver our vision of the seamless passenger experience
  •     Dealing with the challenges of digital transformation 
  •     Deutsche Bahn’s approach to digital transformation  
  •     How can transport companies collaborate with each other to be more successful in the digital age?
  •     How traditional technologies benefit from digital technologies and vice versa

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