Mathieu Dunant | Head of Innovation
R.A.T.P. Group | France

Mathieu Dunant, Head of Innovation, R.A.T.P. Group


Middle East Rail 2018 day 1 @ 16:35

AI: a game changer for mobility service providers

  •     Exploring AI as an efficiency enabler
  •     Creating tailored made and seamless services passenger through personalised and predictive customer experience 
  •     Exploring the potential cross fertilisation between AI and automation (AVs)

Middle East Rail 2018 day 2 @ 10:20

Keynote panel Driving the digital transformation of transportation

  •     Envisioning 2050 and beyond: where energy, transport and humanity fit in
  •     Adopting digital-rail infrastructure: smart cities, smart travel, smart life 
  •     Debating in context: autonomy, connectivity, electrification and sharing technologies
  •     Changing old habits: consumer readiness, regulatory and economic factors in the transition to mobility 4.0
  •     On the tipping point of revolution or on the path of incremental evolution?

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