Leonid Bukhin | Deputy Executive Officer - Risk, Safety & Asset Management
Metro Los Angeles | United States

Leonid Bukhin, Deputy Executive Officer - Risk, Safety & Asset Management, Metro Los Angeles

Mr. Bukhin serves as the Deputy Executive Officer with the Metro Enterprise Risk and Safety Management Division. The Division is responsible for Safety Engineering/State of good repair, Fire/Life Safety, Industrial Hygienist, Rail Safety and Construction Safety. He currently manages and oversees design, procurement, installation and commissioning of various projects.
Mr. Bukhin has 35 years of broad-based experience in mass transit in all phases of development, design engineering, construction management, implementation, testing and commissioning of communication systems. He also specializes in power and propulsion systems and electromagnetic compatibility measures for transportation applications. Leonid consistently spearheaded efforts in innovation design, systems and approach within every position he has held. Most recently he pioneered the following accomplishments:
1. Wayside Energy Storage Substation that saves 20-25% of train regeneration energy;
2. Driver Cell Phone Detection and video recording upon event of using cell phone (http://passengertransport.apta.com/aptapt/issues/2011-02-11/13.html);
3. On Board Fire Suppression Mist System (first time in North America);
4. Door enable system that prevents train operators from opening the wrong side door;
5. Red signal overrun that prevents train operators from passing the red signal
In the past, he has worked on implementing advanced public transportation systems including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which used an advanced transportation management system, communication and automatic train control systems, power, electromagnetic interference mitigation techniques, systems assurance program study for mass transit and commuter rail vehicles, rail power substations, and rail maintenance and repair facilities.


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