Adel Dagher | Senior Projects Specialist
GARMCO Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mills Company | Bahrain

Adel Dagher, Senior Projects Specialist, GARMCO Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mills Company

Prof. Dr. Adel Dagher Fahed Budagher PhDs/ Ms:
Science in Mathematics (Canterbury University), Science in Applied Physics (Canterbury University), and Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) Mechanical Vibration) (Kennedy University), Human Resources & Management (Trinity International University), Doctor of the University (Trinity International University), PHD in Mechanical Engineering (Aluminum Rolling Mill & Quality Control) (Trinity International University),  I spent more than 30 years in study & I was able to get ten PhDs in different fields.
Fellow of the University (Trinity International University), Doctor of Science in Electrical System (Trinity International University), Professor- Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electrical Systems (Trinity International University), Advisor for a High Studies (Trinity International University), Professor, (American Biographical Institute), Professor- (Cambridge International Biographical), Professor, (Trinity International University). 


Middle East Rail 2018 day 2 @ 14:00

The city of tomorrow

  •     How rail is creating smart cities of tomorrow
  •     Achieving integrated mobility for rail and smart cities
  •     What is and how to form and integrated transport strategy

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