Free Demonstration Agenda

Middle East Rail will host free to attend demonstartions on the exhibition show floor. 

Day 1 - Monday, 12 March 2018 



Time Infrastructure Theatre Connectivity Theatre
Company: National Rail Consulting
Title: Remote Condition Monitoring for Improved Asset Reliability – A UK Perspective
Title: The future of transport networks
Company: Bonatrans
Title: Innovation in wheelset solutions
Company:  Arcelor Mittal
Title: Low carbon Vanadium (LCV) Rails  - Steel Rail manufacturing for Smart Cities
Company: Trapeze
Title: Asset management within rail
Title: A sset management and digital performance
Company: FLIR
Title: Thermal imaging for safety and early fire detection
Company:  Multitel
Title: On the way for a Subset-RBC for CCS TSI in the near future, necessity and opportunities?
Company: ETAP
Title: Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Operation of Railway Power System Networks
Company: Danobat
Title: Latest innovations on railway shops; Industry 4.0
Company:  Bentley Systems 
Title: Going Digital – From Planning to Performance
Title: The future of transport networks
Company:  Legion
Title: Optimising Safety, Efficiency and Revenue using Pedestrian Simulation
Company:  Implaser
Evacuation in Rail Stations
Company:  SnagR Sotware
Title: The challenge of in-tunnel coverage for mission critical and commercial wireless services
12:45 Company: Unipart Rail Title: IBM asset management for rail
Company:  Tensar International
Title: Cut Trackbed Construction, Renewals and Maintenance Costs with Geogrids
Title: Achieving a high performant rail asset portfolio: Measure, control, sustain
Company:  Lomas ME 
Title: Recycle your Tooling – Save Money (and the Planet)
Title: Challenges of a Rail Project and Smart Asset Management
Company:  Manav energy
Title: Asset Management & Hazard Mitigation for Electrical & Electronic systems in rolling stock, Electrification, OHE and Signalling.
Company:  LAWO Informationssysteme GmbH
Title: Providing vital information for passengers 
Company:  Opinsta
Title: Rapid Digital Transformation – Bombardier UK Case Study 
Title: Location Aware "Personal Warning Systems" for High Risk Rail Operations
14:00 Company: British Steel Title: Tracking assets


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