Society Of Engineers


Society of Engineers - UAE was established since 1979 to provide excellent services to the engineering Sector in the UAE by accrediting their Qualifications to practice in the UAE. Society of Engineers is a semi-government sector & a non profit organization who strives to provide great services to our 30,000 members'. Our Vision: "National Pioneering to engineers, gulf extension, international contact and an engineering reference for the public and private sectors". We are recognized by the ISO – 9001:2008 in 2004. We became a member of Arab Engineers Federation in 1984, World Federation Engineering Organization in 1985 and Gulf Engineering Union in 1986. We have 3 centers, Training & Development Center, Arbitration Center and Employment Center. We issue different publications and we have been accredited as certified Test Center for international examinations and Registered Education Provider of PMI. For more information you can contact us on Tel.: 009714-2399555 and Website: