Indian Railways


Indian Railways is India’s national railway system and is one of the largest rail networks in the world with rail network of 67,368 route kms. It plays a key role in India’s social and economical development. It carried 8.22 million passengers and as a carrier of bulk freight, it transported 1.11 billion tonnes of freight during 2016-17. The entire Railway network is manned by a work force of 13.08 lakh employees.  Indian Railways, functioning as Ministry of Railways, is headed by Minister of Railways. It is divided into 17 Zones, each headed by a General Manager. Each Zonal Railway is further divided into smaller operating units called Divisions. There are 68 operating Divisions in Indian Railways. In addition, there are number of Production Units, Training Establishments, Public Sector Undertakings and other Offices working under the control of Ministry of Railways.