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The India Thermit Corporation was founded in 1951 for the welding of railway tracks, using the Alumino-Thermic process, and manufacturing of related consumables. The company was set up as a joint venture with Elektro Thermit GmbH of Germany.
Since 1951, India Thermit has grown to become the world’s largest executor of Thermit welds and is a leading manufacturer of Thermit consumables such as the Thermit portion and pre-fabricated dry moulds. We execute over 300,000 welds annually with the Flash Butt and Alumino-Thermic processes and supply an additional 250,000 Thermit welding kits to our customers. We employ a dedicated workforce of over 1,900 employees, including permanent staff and construction workers, to service clients in Asia and Africa. India Thermit operates five manufacturing plants in Kanpur, Jainpur, Rudrapur and Nagpur.
Since its inception, India Thermit has successfully diversified into the following new products and Services:
 Flash Butt Welding of Rails
 Construction of Flash Butt Welding Machines
 Insulated Glued Joints
 Aluminum Powder
 Ferro Alloys
 Manufacturing of Bearing Metals
 Lining of Bimetallic Plain Bearings
 Design and Manufacturing of Industrial Dies, Moulds and Tools
India Thermit has been a pioneer in developing and incorporating new technology in the field of Railway Track Construction and Repair Welding. Our effort and innovations in reducing noise and vibration during train travel have been immensely beneficial for passengers by enabling a smooth and comfortable train journey. Furthermore, our use of the Alumino-Thermic and Flash Butt welding techniques have provided substantial financial savings for the Indian Railways through improved fuel economy, reduction in maintenance costs and increase in the life of rails and rolling stock.


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