Middle East Rail 2018 day 1



Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Dr Abdulla Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, Chairman, Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime, UAE

Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Dr Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General, Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Dr Rumaih Al Rumaih, President, Public Transport Authority, President, Saudi Railways Organisation

Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Dr Ahmed Bin Mohammed bin Salem Al Futaisi, Minister, Ministry of Transport & Communications, Oman

Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Piyush Goyal, Minister, Ministry of Railways, India

Ministerial address

Reserved for H.E. Dr Hesham Arafaat, Minister, Ministry of Transport, Egypt

Keynote address: Pioneering seamless mobility and economic prosperity

  •     Defining the new standard in rail: seamless performance, connectivity, experience and safety
  •     Building and shaping mobility and economic growth together
  •     Excelling passenger service that goes beyond transportationReserved for title sponsor 

Speed networking


Morning tea


Keynote address: Designing and operating transport networks of the future

  •     Pioneering innovation for railway environments
  •     What happens when mobility, networks and logistics meet in a digital world?
  •     Expanding on digitally connected rail efficiency: what’s beyond 2030?

Keynote address: Making advanced transportation a reality

  •     The pivot point of history: utilising technology to redefine mobility
  •     Stepping into the automated, connected world of transportation
  •     Debating technology versus humanity: what happens when machines make all the decisions?

Networking lunch

14:20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below










Panel: Driving the digital transformation of transportation infrastructure

  •     Adopting the digital-rail infrastructure ecosystem: smart cities, smart travel, smart life
  •     Envisioning a digital multimodal network: coordinated, integrated, streamlined and most importantly; safe
  •     Achieving network optimisation and shaping the digital rail supply chain
  •     Maintaining systems and infrastructure to support railways in a changing world

Panel: Building stations as destinations: transit oriented eco-design and development

  •     Integrating stations into communities: supporting surrounding land uses for retail, residential and mixed use 
  •     Analysing connections and passenger flows both inside and outside station hubs
  •     Exploring multimodality design that enhances livability, preserves performance, manages flow, prioritises soft transit modes, while reducing impact on environment
  •     Rethinking patterns and optimising transit oriented development
  •     Evaluating examples of smart, competitive cities of the future, in action today
  •     Forging partnerships with cities and major urban areas to lay groundwork for projects

Panel: GCC operators update on the regional shared network and connectivity

  •     Championing of GCC rail: connectivity updates from the GCC’s leading operators
  •     Pioneering excellence in project execution, design and construction
  •     Leading regional cooperation and fostering dialogue
  •     Exploring standardisation in an international railway context
  •     Assessing cost and revenue sharing agreements between GCC operators and stakeholders 

Panel: Shaping interoperable multimodal mobility masterplans

  •     Envisioning mobility in 2030 and beyond: how does rail fit in the multimodal landscape?
  •     Addressing transport bottlenecks: what needs to change?
  •     Rethinking the system: what is the most efficient model for cars, trams, buses, rail, autonomous aerial vehicles and more?

Optimising systems and infrastructure connectivity: the key to mobility

  •     Entering the new era of infrastructure optimisation, modernisation and automation
  •     IoT and communication of everything: aligning systems, machines, infrastructure and assets
  •     Future proofing infrastructure: signalling and communications, big data and analytics, cybersecurity

Rethinking networks for high speed rail (HSR) transit

  •     ‘Unlearning’ conventional transit network designs: exploring new network models for a high speed world
  •     Avoiding the drive: importance of station location
  •     To go under or over: debating design and planning issues of high speed networks
  •     Understanding urban, inclusive HSR and its impact on land use, design of streets and public spaces
  •     How to accommodate large numbers of intermodal connections

Saudi Railways Organisation: Vision 2030, nation building and the North-South Railway

  •     Achieving 2400km passenger and freight rail line milestones
  •     Assessing the strategic importance of railways in contributing to the national economy 
  •     Connecting rail with phosphate and bauxite mines in northern region of Saudi Arabia
  •     How rail connectivity provides a platform for achieving goals of Vision 2030

Lift off with autonomous aerial vehicles (AAV’s)

  •     Enabling seamless transport mobility with AAV’s
  •     How will self-driving or autonomous flying cars fit in our current transport landscape?
  •     What are the impacts on rail and how can modes work in unision?
  •     Can AAV’s address last mile challenges of rail travel?

Egypt National Railways: $575 million, 100 locomotives and 15 years of transformation

  •     Egypt’s vision for rail transformation over the next 15 years
  •     Modernising future transport: update on ENR’s partnership with GE Transportation
  •     Addressing competitive financing solutions for sustainable, advanced infrastructure
  •     Welcoming 100 locomotives: manufacturing, technical support, employee training and development

Developing smart terminals for freight leadership

  •     Exploring freight accessibility in the information age
  •     The role of smart terminals in transforming the freight and logistics sector
  •     How smart freight hubs can accommodate vast and complex logistics supply chains
  •     Designing new models for smart logistics hubs of the future through big data and analytics

Enabling smart cities with transit oriented development (TOD)

  •     TOD project delivery: integration of smart transport with smart, mixed-use city infrastructure
  •     Innovating product, solution and service to inspire public transport use
  •     Rehabilitating urban land space while increasing transport capacity
  •     Optimising and monetising facilities: equipment, stations and non-rail real estate
  •     Achieving industrial, commercial and social performance through TOD

Jordan Hejaz Railway: Streamlining trade, tourists and transit tracks

  •     Turkey as the gateway to the Balkans and Jordan as the gateway to the Gulf
  •     Achieving cross border transportation links and feasibility studies
  •     Enhancing trade and tourism: steps towards an integrated Euro Mediterranean transport system

The future is boring

  •     Going underground: achieving the vision of transportation and tunnels beneath us
  •     Easing traffic congestion, simplifying mobility, bringing new meaning to transport efficiency
  •     Lowering the cost and time of tunnel boring technology
  •     How will rail rolling stock and infrastructure align with tunnels?  

Digital manufacturing: applying virtual reality in rail

  •     Achieving optimal operational performance: how virtual and augmented reality is changing manufacturing
  •     Industrialisation 4.0 and optimising production of expensive, advanced models and components
  •     Enabling quicker and more precise decisions in real time, in any location around the globeEnquire now to sponsor this session

Evaluating tools and technology for intelligent facility management

  •     How to achieve integrated mobility
  •     Implementing cutting-edge technologies to manage security, safety, communication and energy criteria of stations
  •     Exploring the capacity to deliver integrated, tailored systems to meet individual station requirementsEnquire now to sponsor this session

Project management Middle East: client-consultant-contractor excellence

  •     Addressing project management and planning excellence: avoiding pitfalls
  •     Achieving standardisation and interoperability in the Middle East with a streamlined approach
  •     Adopting a strong project management foundation for progressing the harmonisation of network connectivityEnquire now to sponsor this session

One step closer to a ‘hyperlooped’ world

  •     Be anywhere, move anything, connect everything: implementing hyperloop today
  •     Introducing XP1-1; the first generation vehicle of the Hyperloop One system
  •     Remodeling the use of time and transportation: impacts for current networksEnquire now to sponsor this session






Panel: Aligning artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Trains (IoT)

  •     Championing AI and IoT as critical efficiency enablers
  •     Big, big data: adopting sensors, Machine2Machine deep learning, analytics and cloud computing
  •     Exploring real time, network-wide breakthrough benefits from the connectivity and intelligence of everything
  •     Prioritising the importance of cybersecurity in our AI-IoT fueled world

Panel: Highlighting top down leadership in renewables and energy efficiency

  •     Adopting renewables in rail and shifting away from energy-dependency: applications of solar, wind and hydro
  •     Tackling efficiency, emissions, environmental concerns, rising energy prices, and resource sustainability
  •     Assessing methods of recycling and reusing waste in rail

Panel: Connecting corridors of the future with the Belt & Road initiative

  •     Identifying impacts and benefits of the Belt & Road projects on the Middle East transit landscape
  •     Connecting future corridors and regional superpowers
  •     Highlighting connectivity updates from Russia, Iran, India, Turkey and Oman: impacts on the Middle East

Panel: Disrupting mobility with the Internet of Everything

  •     Connecting the entire public transport system and all its modes
  •     How digitally-enabled and autonomous technology is changing the way we travel
  •     IoT per public transport mode: what is being implemented and how does it fit in with other modes?
  •     How IoT can capacity and population challenges
  •     How connectivity and artificial intelligence can plan and book entire journey’s

Exploring the augmented and virtual rail reality (AR/VR)

  •     Indistinguishable from magic: disrupting transport with AR/VR technology 
  •     Exploring visualisation applications in rail: manufacturing, employee training, transport planning, customer experience, trains, smart glasses
  •     Creating embedded experiences that enable frictionless, contextualised value creation

Informing power and energy decisions with big data and analytics

  •     Applying big data tools for visualisation of network-wide emissions, and power and energy consumption
  •     How analytics can inform smarter use and allocation of resources
  •     How intelligent analytics can inform new management processes
  •     Rethinking patterns and processes along the rail power and energy value chain

Russian Railways: The age of modernisation

  •     Exploring lessons from Russia’s rail transport development strategy leading up to 2030
  •     The period of modernisation, renewal and enhancement (2008-2015): how to achieve project efficiency
  •     Constructing 20,000km of new tracks: large-scale expansions, dedicated freight lines and new industrial zones

The autonomous transport transition

  •     Taking steps to transition to a fully automated multimodal transport ecosystem
  •     How to implement and connect sensors and networks for multimodal autonomy
  •     Bridging the gap between IoT-enablers and IoT-adopters
  •     Eliminating human error, reducing infrastructure maintenance and costs, improving safety

Indian Railways: Signalling green for efficiency, speed and freight

  •     An independent and efficient India: investing in state of the art technology, modern management and procurement approaches
  •     Evaluating project proceedings in accordance with international design and build standards
  •     Freeing freight from main lines and boosting passenger services
  •     Prioritising energy efficiency solutions: the example of solar powered rolling stock

Redefining and reshaping our world with hyper speed

  •     Inside the world of Hyperloops, ultra-high speed mag lev, high speed rail and bullet trains: what’s next?
  •     Addressing the ongoing debate of cost and impact on communities
  •     Highlighting the long-term gains and true sustainability of hyper speed transit

Achieving optimum energy efficiency

  •     Integrating eco-design for energy savings in rolling stock, infrastructure and operation
  •     Instilling efficient material and resource use: water, thermal comfort, natural lighting, indoor air ventilation, construction of bioclimatic buildings
  •     Reusing recovered energy: sell back to producer, power train stations, recharge electric vehicles or meet other energy needs

Turkish State Railways: Ankara high speed train station: the attraction centre of the capital

  •     Revitalising cities through rail projects: transit oriented development in Turkey 
  •     Sharing the story of high speed rail construction in Ankara over the past 10 years and its lessons
  •     Partnering with global leaders for modernisation of signalling and communication systems

Driving mobility trends: mastering big transport data

  •     Defining the strategic business case and need for big data analytics
  •     Exploring revolutionary transport insights from big data technology
  •     How big data can change transport:     Anticipating and reacting to problems and delays     Increasing energy efficiency     Predicting passengers’ preferences and recommending journeys     Assessing journey popularity at certain times of year

Excelling customer service with apps and bots

  •     Prioritising customer service and staying on top of relationship management
  •     Powering apps and chatbots to deliver immediate customer service on mobile, web and social media
  •     Humans versus artificial intelligence: combining bots with human interactionEnquire now to sponsor this session

Eco-design innovation in rolling stock for energy efficiency

  •     Reviewing structural integrity: components made with light, durable, composite and recycled materials 
  •     Installing actuators, sensors and controllers at the heart of future rolling stock
  •     Assessing the feasibility of renewable and innovative energy solutions: from hybrid to hydrogen, biofuel-compatible to solar and moreEnquire now to sponsor this session

Building the world’s mega rail projects

  •     How to build the biggest and boldest projects on the planet
  •     Exploring global transit milestones from the world’s largest rail construction company
  •     The global giant: creating super cities, global megalopolises and corridors of the future to revolutionise our world Enquire now to sponsor this session 

The age of apps

  •     Powering transport efficiency through smartphone apps
  •     Discussing the role of apps for passenger and freight use
  •     Utilising big data from apps for enhanced customer experience
  •     Journey planning: providing a connected travel experience from A to BEnquire now to sponsor this session

Networking break


Roundtable discussions

Join these 40 minute interactive sessions, designed to give you a first look at 2018 project opportunities, tenders, techniques and technologies being implemented to build these futuristic networks. Enjoy sessions led by those in charge at key government departments, railway operators and solution providers designed to promote, discuss and debate. Conquer the challenges, grab the opportunities and create the most efficient transport systems to date.


1. Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Azerbaijan

4. Libya

5. Tunisia

6. Metro Fever India

7. Turkey

8. Oman

9. Afghanistan-Turkmenistan

10. Morocco


Enquire now to sponsor a roundtable discussion

1. Cybersecurity: managing risks for transport operators

2. Research & development functions

3. Wearables for worker safety

4. Opportunities for rail manufacturing with 3D printing

5. Search for revenue outside rail systems

6. Machine learning platforms for rail

7. Deploying a corporate energy strategy

8. Minimising electricity and diesel requirements

9. Exporting energy back to the grid

10. 5G and Li-Fi revolutionising communications


End of conference day one


Annual Middle East Rail Party

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