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Vladimir Kostiviar, Business Consultant, Innovatrics

Planet Biometrics - Day 1: Innovations for Improved Access to Citizen Services
"Improving citizen services: The impact of biometrics"

Governments and state institutions worldwide are nowadays moving more and more towards utilization of biometrics in providing services to their citizens. This shift is visible in identification documents issuance, election processes, border control management and biometric authentication methods for government provided services. The main drivers for this shift are accurate citizen identity verification, but also smoother and more convenient user experience.
While these new approaches are still being adopted, the demand for use of biometrics for citizens authentication is growing worldwide. Government institutions implementing biometrics are often facing difficulties like user inexperience or fraud attempts, thus the main challenge is to provide their citizens with secure and easy to use applications with added value.
Biometric technology firms are addressing these needs and we will showcase use cases of biometric deployments for citizen services worldwide.

Business Development Manager with 10 years of experience in preparation, consulting and delivery of biometric projects worldwide. Technical background achieved during Computer Science and Telecommunication studies at Slovak Technical University. Goal oriented, aiming for client’s success in implementing biometrics throughout government and private sector markets.


Day 2 @ 16:25

Innovations for Improved Access to Citizen Services

Government institutions are increasingly deploying biometric technologies, to allow for the provision of more efficient, convenient and secure citizen services. This session will showcase global use cases, while addressing the complex challenges governments can face.
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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