Urs Beck | Designer
OVD Kinegram AG | Switzerland

Urs Beck, Designer, OVD Kinegram AG

Security Document World - Day 2: Document Design and Integrity
“Design by Integration for ID Documents: How security and visual attractivity can benefit from each other”

In the field of Government Documents, very similar as for banknotes, there are two design spaces: the security print design of the document itself and the design of the security features of the foil system that is used to protect the personalized data.           
If these two design worlds are linked and coordinated at an early stage of the process, documents can be created that are both visually appealing and highly secure. The final security document benefits enormously if the needs of document designers, OVD designers and forensics experts are considered and brought together in the context of visual perception and technical possibilities in the earliest project phases.
Using concrete ID documents, we demonstrate and explain the advantages of such integrated designs: high-resolution metallization, coordinated visual effects, perfect registration and integration of print colors in the foil system can create intuitive designs in which the sharp border between foil and the document itself seem to dissolve.

Urs Beck is a designer for OVD Kinegram, a member of the KURZ Group.  He joined the company in 2011. At OVD Kinegram he is mainly responsible for the creation of foil-based OVDs for security applications such as governmental ID-documents and banknotes. He has realized foil designs for numerous banknote projects and ID-documents.
Urs Beck studied graphic design at the art school in Luzern. After his studies, Urs Beck worked as a freelance designer for various companies and then started at the company KURZ. He completed his studies with a post graduate course in Civic City at the art school Head Geneva.


Day 2 @ 11:30

Document Design and Integrity

Join document design experts as they discuss how design can improve security features and importantly what design features can maintain a document's integrity.
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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