Tony Machin | Chairman
Association of Document Validation Professionals | United Kingdom

Tony Machin, Chairman, Association of Document Validation Professionals

Security Document World - Day 1: Strategies to Disrupt Identity and Document Fraud
"Understanding the potential benefits of intelligence gathered by private sector identity document checking services"

The private sector checks millions of identity documents each year.  These checks are facilitated via a relatively small number of private sector specialist companies.  Between them they collate a vast amount of intelligence which, until now, has been collectively ignored.  Does this vast source of intelligence have any potential value to government agencies and other interested parties and if so, what could be done to make it more accessible?

Tony Machin is the Chairman of the Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP).  The ADVP was created in January 2018 to help promote the wider use of risk based electronic validation of identity documents across the public and private sectors and to represent the growing number of companies operating in the sector.  Tony is also CEO at TrustID, a major business in the UK identity document validation sector.   Tony’s previous experience in corporate finance and in CEO positions in leading UK and European consumer finance companies means he brings strong leadership and excellent knowledge of compliance and regulatory matters related to identity checking.


Day 1 @ 16:15

Strategies to Disrupt Document Fraud

Identity and document fraud are major concerns for everyone in the identity industry and beyond. This session will look at what strategies can be used to counter fraud from effective policing initiatives to intelligence lead approaches.
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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