Dr. Thomas Fisher | Researcher
Privacy International | United Kingdom

Dr. Thomas Fisher, Researcher, Privacy International

Digital:ID - Day 1: Policy, Practice and Technology: Implementing Transformative Identity
"Facing the Challenges of Identity and Exclusion"

While the discourse surrounding identity is always one of inclusion, it is essential we also address the ways in which identity can form a barrier for people, and prevent them from exercising their rights. Understanding that identity systems can lead to exclusion – as explored in Privacy International’s work across the globe – is essential understanding what form identity solutions should take. Can a singular, one-size-fits-all identity solution be appropriate for meeting the challenge of exclusion?

Dr Tom Fisher has a PhD exploring themes of identity from the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. With experience researching identity across the globe - including in East Africa, South Asia, and Latin America – Dr Fisher provides a global perspective on the challenges of identity systems. With a background in both academia and the NGO world, Dr Fisher has been working at Privacy International since 2016, conducting research and leading on the organisation’s thinking on identity issues. He has spoken and published on themes of how identity relates to issues including fintech, human rights, and SDG 16.9.

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