Ros Smith | Senior Product Manager - Identity and Access Management
BBC | United Kingdom

Ros Smith, Senior Product Manager - Identity and Access Management, BBC

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 3
"Re-inventing identity management at the BBC"

"You don’t need to go to many Identity Management conferences to realise that Identity and Access Management projects are hard to implement and also that IAM is one of the least “technological” of the Security disciplines, with it being 10% technology and 90% business change. The BBC is currently meeting the challenge of IAM transformation head on. As one of the 90% Ros Smith will explain the approach being taken, what has happened so far and where they are going next."

Ros Smith is relative newcomer to the world of IAM. She has worked at the BBC for over 19 years. Until 2018 she worked on Production and Editorial side, having been a Radio Producer for Science Radio, Woman’s Hour and The Big Toe Radio Show; Deputy Editor of the award winning BBC News School Report; Project Manager at BBC Media Action and most recently Acting Head of BBC Weather.  She is now Senior Product Manager in Identity and Access Management, and has found a new found enthusiasm for the importance of IAM in the world... and has learnt more acronyms than she ever imagined possible. 


Day 3 @ 11:10

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