Renaud Laffont- Leenhardt | Director of Product Marketing for Passports
Gemalto | France

Renaud Laffont- Leenhardt, Director of Product Marketing for Passports, Gemalto

Security Document World - Day 2: Keynote Session
"Document digitalization: Mobile companions unlocking a brand new generation of secure eServices"
The smartphone revolution has impacted every aspect of our lives, and the secure identity industry is no exception. 
In today’s relentless digitalization and 24/7 connectivity, the demands for citizens’ online identification and authentication has never been so high, as is the critical need  for trusted digital identities. 
Leveraging the convenience and power of smartphones, combined with the latest identification, authentication and biometric technologies, proof of identity is going mobile. The digitalization of ID documents has become the „new black.“ We see successful mobile identity initiatives spreading. The digital driving licences and travel credential are the latest in a growing list of ID innovations to make it onto the smartphone. 
This session will present the latest trends and steps in the digitalization of ID documents with the goal of unifying identities across both the physical and the digital world. We will also tackle how governments, and those who address the needs for trusted digital identity, can seize opportunities, be in the best position to serve and support the digital transformation in their country, open the doors to next gen eServices, and unlock an array of new opportunities.

Renaud Laffont-Leenhardt is currently Director of Product Marketing for Passports in the Government Programs business group of Gemalto, a Thales company, where he oversees the passport product range, including secure embedded software, polycarbonate datapage, electronic covers and booklets.
A marketing professional with experience in a wide range of business fields, Renaud joined Gemalto over 20 years ago, where he has held various marketing related positions. He was previously handling business development in Africa for secure electronic documents projects, civil registration and voter registration programs.
He is a graduate in Business Studies from London Middlesex University Business School and Marseille Graduate School of Management.


Day 2 @ 08:45

SDW Keynote Session

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