Ralph Rodriguez | Research Scientist
Facebook | United States

Ralph Rodriguez, Research Scientist, Facebook

Digital:ID - Day 2: Robust Authentication and Verification Online
"Machine Learning and AI: Oppertunity or Arms Race in Digital Identity?"

The advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have created promising results across digital ID and identity management use cases; from advanced mobile authentication to remote identity proofing and digital enrollment. However, these advancements are also increasingly available to bad actors, hackers and nation state sponsored involvement creating an ever escalating A.I. identity arms race. How does artificial intelligence and machine learning fit with other emerging technologies for identity management use cases? What are the opportunities and pitfalls for organizations to be aware of? And how will humans continue to remain in the equation on both sides?
General AI is not possible today, but Narrow AI, which addresses specific application areas such as playing strategic games, language translation, self-driving vehicles, and image recognition is. What are the best practices in image recognition to employ to manage this ever increasing arms race?

Ralph is a Research Scientist focused on Applied Identity Intelligence at Facebook. Previously he was the Co-Founder and CTO of Confirm.io, an ID authentication company, which Facebook acquired in March of 2018. He has had multiple exits over the last 25 years as he founded Blue Hill Research, Delfigo Security, Invenio and NTA and served as a public company CTO/CIO at Brooks Automation, C-bridge Internet Solutions and Excelon Corporation.

As the longest serving Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ralph pioneered research on artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, mobile, neural science, and security technologies at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) department. He holds a Sc.D. in information systems and is a graduate of the management program GPMD-MBA at IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. He is a US Army intelligence veteran of the Persian Gulf War in 1990, as well as a holder of 16 patents.


Day 2 @ 14:25

Robust Authentication in a Digital World

A secure digital identity needs a robust authentication and verification system to back it up. Join cyber security experts to see the latest developments in authentication and verification systems for online digital identities.

Day 3 @ 13:30

Special Session: Mobile Behavioural Biometrics

last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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