Pam Dixon | Founder And Executive Director
World Privacy Forum | United States

Pam Dixon, Founder And Executive Director, World Privacy Forum

Pam Dixon is the founder and executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a respected public interest research group focusing on data privacy. Dixon is an author and researcher known for her pioneering work in the area of data brokers, predictive analytics, identity, and biometrics, among other aspects of consumer data privacy and data protection. Dixon has researched and written numerous privacy studies, including substantive biometrics research in India, which formed the basis of a peer-reviewed scholarly article regarding India’s Aadhaar biometric system in relation to EU-US policy. This research was cited in the Supreme Court of India’s landmark Aadhaar privacy ruling in 2018. She is a member of the OECD Artificial Intelligence Expert Group, and she has served as an OECD expert advisor on global health data uses. Dixon serves on the editorial board of the Harvard-based journal of Technology Science. Dixon has testified about data privacy topics multiple times before the US Congress, including the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the US Federal Trade Commission and other agencies. Dixon has written 8 books, including titles for Random House / Times Books, among other major publishers. Her most recent book, Surveillance in America, was published in 2016 by ABC-CLIO books. Her next book on privacy is set to be published by ABC CLIO in 2019.


Day 3 @ 09:55

Panel Discussion - Does Blockchain have a Future in Identity

If there was one word to summarise technology trends over the last year ‘blockchain’ would be in the running. From its proving ground in cryptocurrencies distributed ledger technology is being explored in every industry. This session will cut through hype to see if blockchain has a future in the identity industry.

Day 3 @ 15:10

Identity Week Question Time (Taking place in the SDW Conference Room)

Identity Week Question Time will allow the audience to engage with a group of identity experts to discuss the big picture issues that have been drawn out during the conference.
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last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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