Michiel Van Der Veen | Director Innovation and Development
National Office for Identity Data | Netherlands

Michiel Van Der Veen, Director Innovation and Development, National Office for Identity Data

Planet Biometrics - Day 2: Innovation for Improved Access to Citizen Services
"Biometrics for Citizen Services"

Michiel is an executive, innovator and (digital) identification and biometric expert.
Dr. Michiel van der Veen is Director Innovation & Development at the National Office for Identity Data of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands. He is also digital identification & biometric expert at the World bank, supporting the ID4D program. 
From 2008-2018, Michiel was Chief Executive Officer of priv-ID and GenKey, respectively, providing identification & biometrics solutions for governments in developing countries. He was involved in the delivery of many large-scale identification projects and has led GenKey through multiple stages of growth to become one of the most trusted brands in the market. Starting his career from 2000-2008, he held several technical and leadership positions within Philips Electronics.
Michiel has a MSc in Geophysics from Utrecht University, a Ph.D from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and further business education from Stanford.
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Day 2 @ 16:25

Innovations for Improved Access to Citizen Services

Government institutions are increasingly deploying biometric technologies, to allow for the provision of more efficient, convenient and secure citizen services. This session will showcase global use cases, while addressing the complex challenges governments can face.

Day 3 @ 15:10

Identity Week Question Time (Taking place in the SDW Conference Room)

Identity Week Question Time will allow the audience to engage with a group of identity experts to discuss the big picture issues that have been drawn out during the conference.
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