Lutz Richter | Head Of Information System
Muhlbauer Group | Germany

Lutz Richter, Head Of Information System, Muhlbauer Group

Mr. Lutz Richter, Dipl. Ing (FH) for Engineering and Automation, is Head of Information Systems at Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH.  After completing his studies at the University of Applied Science for Technology and Economics in Dresden, he has been with the company for almost 15 years now. During his long and continuing career in the industry, he worked amongst others as Senior Solution Architect and Analyst for Document Issuance Management Systems. As he is responsible for the practical implementation of projects at the customer’s site, he is very familiar with the requirements of the customers around the world.


Day 2 @ 17:10

Panel Discussion - Minding the Gap: Ensuring All Members of Society can Benefit from Biometrics

This panel discussion will ask what considerations need to be taken to tackle exclusion when implementing biometrics across public applications. How can universality ever really be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach?
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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