Andrew Tobin | Managing Director, Europe
Evernym Inc. | United Kingdom

Andrew Tobin, Managing Director, Europe, Evernym Inc.

Digital:ID - Day 3: Next Generation Digital Identity Solutions
“Stopping the Fakers: It’s Not Just About Identity – It’s About Credentials”
Paper has superpowers. We can use it to buy a car, enter a country, or get married. We all have physical paper (and plastic) credentials, like driving licenses, passports and badges to use whenever needed, face-to-face.

In cyberspace we don’t have the digital equivalent. Those digital credentials we do have are limited to usernames, passwords and 2-factor authentication. Worse, we don’t control them – third parties manage own them and can take them away.

This talk describes the breakthroughs that enable us all to have our own superpowered digital credentials that we can use anywhere, privately and securely.

I want to make cyberspace better. The huge waste of time and money spent trying to work out who (or what) you are dealing with online would be much better spent creating better products, saving carbon emissions or curing diseases. That’s why I’m working at Evernym, creating open, standardised ways to establish online trust quickly, efficiently and securely.

Previously I’ve built banks and run mobile networks. Now we’ve got to combat fake news, defeat online fraudsters and satisfy increasingly complex online regulations. The way to do this is to make digital credentials as simple to issue, hold and verify as paper ones, and a lot more secure and effective. That is my focus – once we fix this, cyberspace will be a better place.


Day 3 @ 11:10

Next Generation Digital Identity Solutions

Identity, especially in the digital sphere, is an everchanging ecosystem. Join our expert speakers who will discuss the future trends of the digital identity environment and what the next generation of digital identity solutions might look like.
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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