Ana Cristina Jorge | Director Operational Response Division
Frontex | Poland

Ana Cristina Jorge, Director Operational Response Division, Frontex

Security Document World - Day 1: Strategies to Disrupt Identity and Document Fraud
"Frontex activities to counter document fraud"

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, has changed its internal structure in 2018 and is now better equipped to face the challenges posed by irregular migratory movements. One of the most remarkable changes that has been undertaken focuses on the border activities implemented to check of the identity of the persons crossing the external borders of the European Union. 
This presentation will illustrate which activities are currently implemented by Frontex in this domain with a specific focus on the new Centre of Excellence for combating Document Fraud established within the Operational Response Division. 
The Centre is part of the strategic positioning of the Agency in operations, specifically supporting the frontline officers in combating document fraud. However, it is just a part of the coordinated approach Frontex implements on document and identity checks at the external borders of European Union, which constitutes the European border and coast guard response to a dynamic and ever changing environment where criminal organizations try to build their lucrative business.

Ana Cristina is currently the Director of Operational Response Division of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – Frontex. Before, since 2012, she was the Head of Joint Operations Unit (named Field Deployments Unit since February 2018).
The Operational Response Division includes, the Field Deployments Unit, a Coast Guard and Law Enforcement Unit, a Return Support Unit and a Centre of Excellence for Combating Document Fraud.
She started working for Frontex in October 2009 being seconded as Liaison Officer of the Agency in Brussels.
Ana Cristina joined the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service in November 1990. There she carried out functions as Head of Borders Division and Director of the Central Directorate for Borders. She participated in many International “fora” related to Border Management and chaired the Frontiers WP from the EU Council during the Portuguese Presidency in 2007.
She holds an University Degree in International Relations.

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