Call for Speakers




Deadline for applications: Tuesday 4th December, 2018


Join us on stage to lead the global conversation about next-generation identity solutions from policy makers to suppliers and integrators through to end users.

If you have innovative new research, marketplace insights, inspirational case studies, or are helping to change the future of identity solutions and policies we want to hear from you. With three conference agendas (Digital:ID, Planet Biometrics and SDW) we will offer in-depth and focused content.

Apply to speak by downloading our application form and returning it to Nick Clark Bryan, Identity Week Conference Producer, by Tuesday 4th December .




Key Conference Themes

Building Effective Identity Foundations    Citizen Services and the Impact of Biometrics    Managing Data and Trust - The Principles of "Good Identity"
Design Strategies to Thwart the Forger    Building Biometric Databases at Scale    Government Digital Identity Showcase
Effective Policing Initiatives to Counter Document Fraud    Considering Privacy and Ethics    ID Ecosystems & Citizen e-Services
Visions for Next-generation Security Printing    Policing – Leveraging the Biometric Technology Revolution    International Interoperability of Identity
Secure Credentials and their Place in Tomorrow's Traveller Ecosystem    Banking and Biometrics: Knowing Your Customers    Combating Identity Fraud in the Digital World
Document Authentication - Emerging Concepts    Biometrics: The Heart of Seamless Travel?    Digital Identity and the Future of Online Customer Experience
Personalisation and Issuance - What's Next?    Advances in Liveness Detection    Robust Authentication Online
Security Features Fit for the Future    Biometric Testing: Practical Outcomes    Does Blockchain have a Future in Identity?
Challenges and Opportunities of Derived Mobile Credentials    Next-generation Biometric Technology    Next Generation Digital ID Solutions
SDW Grand Designs    Grand Designs – Biometrics in Action    Digital Identity for a Better Future




International Submissions

Please note that we strongly encourage submissions from the international community, but contributions must be submitted in English, and if accepted, speakers must have a good command of the English language.

Equality Pledge

Science Media Partners believes passionately in equality, regardless of gender or race. We believe there is too little diversity at most conferences we attend, and pledge to try and do something positive to redress the balance.
Although this will not be easy in the security and identity sector, we will be attempting to improve our diversity in the future. As such, we encourage companies thinking about sending a representative to speak or participate at our events to consider our pledge, and support our initiative.