TERSAN SHIPYARD is one of the biggest SHIPYARD in TURKEY and  manufactures  new floating projects including POWER BARGE, POWER and WATER DESALINATION BARGE  , Offshore Supply Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Ferries, Chemical Tankers, Tugboats and complex tailor made state-of-art-projects. 

Thanks to our POWER and WATER DESALINATION  ( P&WD) BARGE , we can  both provide electricity and fresh water in same floating plant . This is quick solultion for managing your peak  and base electricity loads. Because of using waste heat,  P&WD is cost-oriented and high efficency. TERSAN is ready to talk for all models of  P&WD Barge such as Rental Model, Power Purchase Aggrement Model and Selling  Model or other oppurtunities. We can also  supply Long Term Maintanance And Operation Aggreement.