Large Energy Users Forum Day 2

Large Energy Users Forum

Lindiwe Mkhonza

Green Action Platform

Lindiwe Mkhonza, Executive Committee Member, Green Action Platform ZA
Xing Ma

Pursuing green energy quality

Xing Ma, Sales manager, Fivestar wholesalers (Pty) Ltd
Pinshuang Qin, Director, Five Star Wholesalers (pty) ltd
Frikkie Bruwer

The future of LED technology

Frikkie Bruwer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Azoteq
Emmanuel Maepa

Best practices for your industrial energy management playbook

Emmanuel Maepa, Director, Dr. H E Maepa Institute
Edwin Mavhungu

The targeting of industrial energy audits for DSM planning

Edwin Mavhungu, Vice President: Africa, Absa
Sashay Ramdharee

What it takes for large energy users to reduce energy consumption and improve energy performance, with South African case studies

Sashay Ramdharee, Project Manager - Energy Systems Optimisation, National Cleaner Production Centre Of South Africa
Chris Edeh

Optimising load management on a deep-level mine’s refrigeration systems through maintenance and operational improvements

Chris Edeh, Director, African Sustainable Energy Association
Siyolo Xotyeni

EWSETA Energy presentation

Siyolo Xotyeni, Electricity Chamber Manager, EWSETA

Planning and scheduling for industrial demand side management: Advances and challenges


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last published: 23/Mar/18 09:55 GMT