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Curriculum Changes
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Special Needs
Aboriginal Education
Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning

School Teachers, Monday 9 November 2020

Anita Collins
School Teachers

Music & classroom learning

Charles Fadel
School Teachers

Artificial Intelligence in Education

    should students learn for the age of Artificial Intelligence? To educate a “whole child for a whole world”, education systems must curate their traditional curricula (Maths, etc.) and focus on what is most important for success in life and work (e.g. more probabilities and statistics; computer science; social sciences; entrepreneurship; wellness; etc.).To address the imperatives of a modern world, curricula must aim at developing the four dimensions of a 21st century learner:
  • Knowledge (essential content and core concepts; modernized and modern disciplines)
  • Skills (“21st Century Skills” or “4 C’s”)
  • Character (Social-Emotional Learning)
  • Meta-Learning (“learn how to learn”: metacognition and growth mindset)Lastly, A.I. will also afford capabilities to advance adaptive learning, in all of sequential, Socratic, and self-directed constructivist systems.These systems will vastly multiply the abilities of teachers to deliver all of the above needs at scale.
Jane Hunter
School Teachers

High Possibility STEM Classrooms: Integrated STEM Learning in Research and Practice

  • How can you build your capacity and confidence to lead and teach Integrated STEM well in K-6classrooms and what could assist you to do that?
  • Imagine that capacity and confidence-building in Integrated STEM might take place while you are leading or teaching in a K-6 school where the students are:
    • from language backgrounds other than English
    • from low SES families
    • learning in highly urbanized, metropolitan schools.
  • This session will share findings from research in Integrated STEM in Australian schools conducted in early, elementary and middle years classrooms with teachers and students where the notion of building professional capacity and confidence was front of mind.
Craig Kemp
School Teachers

Are you using EdTECH effectively?

John Marsden
School Teachers

New understandings of bullying and new solutions to it

Owen Brasier
School Teachers

Microbits in the Mini Olympics

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School Teachers, Tuesday 10 November 2020

Emma Fowler
School Teachers

One School’s Journey to Digital Transformation

  • Unpack the strategies used to develop the confidence and capacity of teachers to implement the Digital Technologies Curriculum
  • Discover how to develop a robust Scope and Sequence that is grounded in real classroom practice
  • Explore innovative and engaging units of work and assessment tasks that build on the skills learnt at each year level
Robert Faltermeier
School Teachers

Adapting to and recognising how pedagogy has to cater for the 21st Century

The challenges and opportunities that the 21st century bring are causing some schools and education systems to re-evaluate how they operate. However, this might be a simple thing to state, but the real challenge for schools and education systems is two-fold, one, recognising this change and more specifically that the pedagogy has to change as well, and second, how to adapt our pedagogy to this change once one recognises the fact. This session will explore how a growth mindset can help schools recognise both ways and why schools should recognise that 21st-century education needs to change as well as how pedagogy can adapt to and meet the challenges and opportunities that the 21st-century presents.
Nicky Mohan
School Teachers

Cultivating critical thinkers in the age of digital distraction

Nicola O'Brien
School Teachers

Ethics of cyber security in education

Ed Wong
School Teachers

AR/VR curriculum application

Bruce Fuda
School Teachers

Algorithms in numeracy and literacy

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