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School Leaders, Monday 9 November 2020

Ryan Ko
School Leaders

Cyber-threats: The silent scream

Remember when home was a safe space? Where vulnerable students could forget the day’s bullies and threats. Not anymore. In today’s always-on world the threats are also always-on. Join our expert panel of educators as they discuss how you can keep your students safe – always.
Tamsyn Rose
School Leaders

How to impove mental wellbeing of staff and students

Adrian Piccoli
School Leaders

What exactly does it mean to be equal?

Sue Floro
School Leaders

Beyond 2030: Reimagining Primary School for Modern Learners

Giancarlo Brotto
School Leaders

How Pandemics Revel the Need for Green Shirts

Ten years ago, Derek Sivers stood on the TED stage and eloquently delivered his talk on “How to start a movement” in under 3 minutes.In that short time he revealed to the world the importance of leadership as well as an important insight through the use of a shirtless dancing person and someone in a green shirt. (It is recommended you watch his talk before joining this session).Over 20 years ago Giancarlo was among the educators that defined one of Ontario’s first ever fully digital schools...since then he has been supporting school systems across the globe transition to digital.When the pandemic forced the closure of schools he brought together thousands of high level school system leaders and among them perhaps one of the largest ongoing global gatherings of senior education government officials to uncover the challenges and opportunities the pandemic presented their nations.In this talk, Giancarlo will reveal some of the insight gained from the last 20 years and its connection to the common themes that emerged from leaders since the pandemic forced school systems to transform. More importantly, he will connect the importance and need for more of us to wear green shirts as the world enters a new era of education transformation.
Ian Jukes
School Leaders

Welcome to the Digital Revolution: Education in the Age of Disrupted Learning

Peter Hutton
School Leaders

Big ideas for big transformation

In this session we will discuss:
  • What if we adopted a new goal for schooling?
  • Let’s drop the production model and consider fulfilment*
  • How does this change how a learning community could function?
Nicky Mohan
School Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education: Are You Ready For It?

Dragana Beara
School Leaders

Emerging Technologies driving the future of Education

We have heard, and we know, that the world has changed. How we live, how we work, as well as how we teach and learn have undergone some monumental changes this year. World has also experienced unprecedented level of digitization during 2020, and the trend will only continue. In this session we will explore how emerging technologies such as AI, AR/VR, 5G, etc. will affect education, and what IT organizations, together with their business partners need to do to prepare.
James Curran
School Leaders

Unpacking the Digital Technologies curriculum

last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25

School Leaders, Tuesday 10 November 2020

Mia Garrett
School Leaders

Rethinking Education for the 21st Century

Mark Mendez-Cortes
School Leaders

Unpacking a holistic approach to high school Esports

By engaging with and empowering teachers in both the Catholic and Education Queensland systems, Mark has led district wide Esports tournaments that have been supported by The University of Queensland, developed representative teams and constructed student development programs including gym and training schedules for students across competitive digital platforms.Join Mark as he unpacks this holistic and hugely effective approach to Esports and reminds us why unique opportunities like Esports are crucial for the successful future learners
Kevin Lowe
School Leaders

Establishing Aboriginal language policy and school curriculum implementation

Dan Haesler
School Leaders

Post pandemic leadership in Education

Bronwyn Hinz
School Leaders

Accelerating teacher impact

Clifton Bieundurry
School Leaders

Incorporating old Aboriginal traditions and teachings into modern education

Educating the bushfire management sector to develop skills, knowledge and experience in traditional fire management is a key priority of Western Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services. The Department’s Bushfire Centre of Excellence has established a Traditional Fire Program to consider how fire managers and practitioners can better link contemporary fire management with Aboriginal fire practices, traditions and teachings. This session will provide a holistic overview of cultural burning, traditional fire management and its application on-ground. It will outline how the Bushfire Centre of Excellence will incorporate traditional fire knowledge, understanding and practices into planned fire training courses and bushfire management programs across Western Australia.
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25